Look Of The Day ” Ragged Rugged”

Happy After Thanksgiving, My Fellow Fashionistas! How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I spent my holidays with family enjoying food, music and past-time stories. This morning I am on my way to a nearby coffee shop to update this post because the only access to the internet is my trusty Iphone. There is nothing like being comfortable, yet stylish so today I am wearing one of my simple black blazers from H&M along with my thrifty rugged-torn jeans (loved by many) and black ballet flats. Added color with my pink-striped cotton shirt making the entire outfit effortless. All of which are wardrobe staples! Ladies, it’s not about the price of purchased items but the way you accessorize.

-Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

See here!  Blazers can change any look http://wp.me/p1IEct-kr

How do you accessorize?   Please Share Your Thoughts






2 thoughts on “Look Of The Day ” Ragged Rugged”

  1. I love the ballet flats. I wish I could wear those but I have a stupid bunion that makes the side of the shoe stick out!!
    So I have to wear slightly more solid shoes…. so annoying!!
    Great look!!

  2. And to the think I purchase these for a couple of dollars from “Shoe Land” I love them. I am sure you can find some that are wide, which will conceal it. My feet are wide and they work well. They are simple, yet chic. You can wear them to dress up or down an outfit, depending on your personality and purpose.

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