5 Ways to Personalize Your Space

creating a space just for you can be life changing.  learning to let go of all things that no longer serve your purpose is liberating. i am in the process of moving into my sisters home.  majority of my things are going into storage.  this moving process  has motivated me to access all things i own.  based on a previous post  i am thrill to eliminate all things that does not represent who i am today.  i am willing to just let go of all things that represents a negative memory or cause me to feel any negative emotion.

i am going to design my new space based on all things that compliments who I am:whimsical, colorful, spontaneous,bold,hippie

when personalizing your space it is important to use the remaining  items you have left over after letting go.  think of your space as a “blank canvass”

1. Discover

get outside and get inspired by your surrounding images and colors. give yourself permission to imagine who you are and who you want to become.


start by choose a color that represents your personality.  you can paint the entire wall or choose an accent wall. when choosing a color always consider the lighting in your space.  one of my favorite colors are violet but my new living space has  little lighting.   i have decided to accent my space with green to appear bigger and brighter.

3. Add a Staple Piece

be it a painting or sofa, it is important to add a staple piece to your space. t i have decided to order a black futon i saw  at Target.


4. Lighting

changing the lighting of a room can also enhance the energy of your space. Ikea has the most affordable lighting fixtures. I enjoy going

here because the possibilities are endless.

5. Add Flair to Windows

i never really knew how windows played an intricate part in the  overall feel of a  living space. when personalizing your space look for fabrics,textures and colors that speaks to you. you can go with a combination of window shades combined with drapes or drapes alone.  look for colors that compliments your staple piece and chosen wall color.


there is nothing like going home to a space that represents who you are.