Vintage Style: Ferris from L.A.

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582172_10150775515781946_65108706945_9810059_1753816018_nWe are kicking off another session of vintage style with Ferris from Oakland,CA.

  Where are you from?
I am proudly from Oakland, Ca. However I currently lay my head in Los Angeles, CA. It will actually be a year next month.

Describe when you first discovered your love for vintage style

This is actually a hard question to breakdown in to the one time. Basically, i grew up in thrift stores out of necessity, as a family we had to make things work so the thrift store was the best option at times. Of course as a youngster it wasn’t always the place that I wanted to get clothing from; I wanted what everyone else had and wanted to be cool. That actually sounds a little crazy because cool is hella relative, and usually the norm of cool is contrived and BLAHHHHH! lol! Anyway as I got older and really started developing my own personal style thrift stores became one of my own personal favorites! I mean you could find dope ass gear and 98% of the time no one else would have it on, or even think of wearing it. I had, and still have, a profound love for tye dye and had zero problem sporting many a tye dye t-shirt in high school, or a 60’s polyester striped top or floral dress I got from my grandmother. I love the uniqueness of vintage and the fact that you can find some of the most awesome items on a trip to the thrift store or at times a vintage boutique. I love the feeling of finding a dope as piece and thinking of how I am going to wear, even if that means keeping it for years until the right look comes into my head. I know that may sound a little intense but, I mean it is! 🙂

How would you describe your individual style?

I would describe it as free. I wear what I like and what looks good on my body type. That last part is the key, wearing what looks good on your body because every item, thing, piece you may like isn’t nessecarly the same thing that will look good on your body. There are some things I REALLLY love and that is dresses!!! I LOVE DRESSES! One piece and you are done! I am on a mission right now to get as many dresses as possible, so that with my lack of hair and throwing on a dress my dressing time will come down considerably! YAY, for that!

How are you inspired and what inspires your individual style?
I am inspired by themes of ethnicity, color, texture and utter uniqueness. All of us wear clothing but there are those that can make an outfit look like art. Being walking art is a great concept and great way to liven up the day. I am not afraid of any color or texture or style, just as long as I like it and its fits ( as I stated above). I also am greatly inspired by my mood, which is reflective also in my makeup. I know that alot of inspiration does come from numerous hours of browsing blogs and mags for most folks, but I have found lately that my fashion mags are gathering more dust than usage. And as regards blogs, wellllllllll, the truth is I dont really look at them. I do troll my tumblr feed, but it for sure isn’t the source for me. I am attracted to many medias of self expression and art which really, to me, what style is – art.

Any Suggestions for our readers?
Suggestions —– ummmmmm, lol! Stay BLACK! NAW, seriously tho. My suggestions would be wear what makes you comfortable and makes you look FUCKING AWESOME! Who doesn’t want to be AWESOME!!?!?!? And too if you are into vintage but dont really wanna search thru all the racks at thrift stores well you should for sure hire someone or ask a friend to help you shop. Vintage shopping is always worth it and you NEVER know what you might find. And I suggest you all keep up with me, which can link you to all my social media thangs!

Peace, Love & Vintage!!!
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To learn more about Ferriss can visit her at


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

after attending a “Financial Fit” seminar hosted by “Young Black Clergy” & Wells Fargo, I  ventured out with my niece; we made a our way to “Little 5 Points” and on around to Ponce De Leon. I like theses areas of Atlanta because the people are such “free spirits” and “creative”. its a place where people go to connect and heighten their senses.

we also stopped by Paris on Ponce, a antiquey shop I adore because it makes me  feel as if I have stepped back into time. as my niece,Alecia & I walked into this little shoppe….”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”  was blasting overhead.  i was inspired to put on some leggings,leg warmers and a side pony tail held by a scrunchie.  here are some photos of our little excursion.Paris on Ponce

IMG_3285[1] IMG_3291[1]  IMG_3294[1] IMG_3296[1] IMG_3299[1] IMG_3302[1] IMG_3311[1] IMG_3306[1] IMG_3305[1] IMG_3309[1]

How to Wear a Fedora

since i have been a fan of Bruno Mars ,i found myself being more adventurous with styling. The styling possibilities are endless.

Fedoras come in many shapes and colors but it seems that Fedoras for men are more stylish than those for women.  the history of Fedoras date all the way back to the 18th century and was inspired by a play.   recently, women have started incorporating Fedoras in their wardrobe.

i own one Fedora but really didn’t know how to wear it ,but with some research here are some tips I have compiled.

    • Make Sure It Fits:ensure the front brim isn’t too tight nor too loose
    • Have Fun:  try on many different styles until you are confident it is the one for you since face/head shapes vary from person to person
    • Express Your Personality:express your personality by changing the different angles of the Fedora.

Vintage Color Scheme Inspiration

a coworker and I have been collaborating on the design and layout of each others website.he has been of great help. i guess two minds is better than one.
what i want the website to portray is “vintage style” .

here are some colors schemes we both feel represents “vintage”. i am pretty excited to play around with them to see how they fit together with the logo.

when you see these colors ,what do you think?
#335650 color image#9eae8a color image

The Adventures of a Vintage Muse:Paris On Ponce

It’s Saturday and I have been up since 3am hoping to catch the “Free Dental Care” event held in Alpharetta, GA. Of course, the place was jammed packed so I resorted to visiting the near by park to catch the sunrise..Sounds dope, right?

Since I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and school I decided to spend this weekend relaxing and sipping on “Sleepy Time Chamomile & Spearmint Green Tea”..what a freaking joy that is….so I decided to use my downtime to share my adventure last Saturday  to “PARIS ON PONCE“…an intriguing antique playground with over 40,000 sq ft of all things unique and vintage.

To Learn More..visit them at Paris On Ponce.

love this

who doesn’t love vintage?


people love their Coke

i remember sitting on one of these at my granny’s growing up

i imagine myself playing oldies ..

whoever is the creator of this.i will kiss you

outfit here is a Gap Cotton 3/4sleeve shirt for $5 & Khaki Shorts for $4 from Plato’s Closet#stylewinning

i love the music..the scene…the set up….

oh..I didn’t tell you…they have V.I.P!