Reblogged: Fashion in Film-Cosby Show

i was inspired to visit ModCloth’s  Blog I noticed an article  titled “Fashion in Film: The Cosby Show”, one of my favorite 80s show growing up. who don’t remember this show? i could not  help but  reblog this video because it definitely shows how The Cosbys incorporated Fashion in every aspect of the show.


I Need Your Feedback

hello you,

after participating in an online Twitter  #video chat with Modcloth  I thought it would be a  great idea to ask you ” what  do you want to see happen in the future of  TheAbsoluteMost?

Sometimes as a blogger it is so easy to view life from your own perspective with the readers’ consideration.

What do the readers want?

It is important that I provide you with content that is useful .  I would like to know what changes would you like to see happen with TheAbsoluteMost?

When you think of “TheAbsoluteMost”? ..what comes to mind?

What advice would you give a fellow lifestyle blogger to connect with readers and like-minded individuals?

What would you suggest when trying to find useful content to write about and prevent “writers block”?

I am looking to connect with you. Your feedback is appreciated.



Spice up your step.

Spice up your step.

Spice up your step.

Well everyone may not be into patterns, but I personally love them. I was surfing the net when I found this breezy “Sprig in Your Step” dress. The dress is a lovely auburn orange and consists of small print cream colored leaves. The sleeves seem to be thin which is great for summer time, but this dress can also be worn with a nice blazer during winter.

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