Take Off Your Cool-Satorial Sounds

as i was getting ready at 6:30 this morning,  i felt i needed that extra boost of inspiration.

as i made my way into the restroom i was inspired to open  Youtube & listen to Sartorial Sounds by a group of 7 artist coming together to share their love of all things “creative”.  as i listened to it i found  myself wanting  to  harken back to the 60’s wearing a vintage inspired pencil skirt, fedora style hat and mother of pearls earrings while sitting at a  Juke Joint with friends doing absolutely nothing but enjoying time, space and creativity.

“Sartorial Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right. And it’s the life experiences we encounter that provoke what we splash on our own blank canvas.”

Satorial Sounds

Artist included

Jesse Boykins III
Joekenneth Museau
Theo Martins
Joshua Bennett
Mara Hruby
Rinaldy Alvarez

-Street Etiquette

what inspires you? how do you express that creativity?

Vintage Muse- Poise & Grace

..my beautiful mom in the 1960's

causes me to be so enthralled in the moment…
anytime i think of vintage clothing i think of poise..i think of grace…i think of all things feminine yet filled with simplicity. I read a quote that went something like this

“i love vintage clothing because of what it represents to me. I dress between the era’s of 1940-50’s because of the true beauty women from that time possessed..

women of this era always carried themselves with such poise. It seemed to come so easily yet so many woman today fight to adopt it even myself. vintage clothing is like no other…i don’t care about the brand but i do care about quality. I embrace all things with history. anytime i visit my grandmother I always immerse myself in her closet. i never know exactly what i will find as i stumble upon vintage piece after vintage piece. it keeps my heart wondering what the times were life so today i wanted  to share some vintage pieces that caught my eye. let me know what you think.

Betty Ansley on the cover of Jet Magazine

Dorothy Dandrige 1950's

Mara Hruby- Her Vintage Style

I have………

been writing about Mara Hruby for a couple of months now every since I read an article about her style on CurlyNikki.com. Her vintage style is one thing that stood out to me. Her style appears so chic yet effortless and it helps that I am a lover of all things vintage. Outside of incorporating Bruno Mars style(Ray Bans, Converse & Fedoras) in my wardrobe I started this year with incorporating vintage style in my wardrobe.

This year is focus on self-expression and breaking all the rules.  How different would you be if you was brave enough to dress like you wanted?  How much do we allow the media and fashion critics to play a role in our daily wardrobe?

her makeup is flawless

she makes her own accessories. love it!



First Look Of 2012: All Things Vintage -Mara Hruby Inspired

yesterday, as i was getting dressed i convinced myself wearing sequins was the thing to wear since it is the celebration of the New Year, right?….. WRONG!…. although, i felt i  had a clear idea of what I wanted to wear:sequins, black, shimmer, all that good jazz-I felt the desperation to seek inspiration and i found a video: Mara Hruby- a songstress from California with a vintage flair i admired….which inspired me to fu@king dump the typical “new year style” and follow my heart: all things vintage.

as i continue to watch the video from beginning to the end, i began to cry..why? i have no idea but now i am more than convinced i have found my new found love: all things vintage….i love her hair, her style, her accessories, last but certainly not least, her voice.

never can go wrong with a pencil skirt and the color yellow

2012 vintage style












one thing I like most about vintage is the times when it seems there were worries…

a tailored attire, bobby-pin and roller set hair style and casual dating seem to have been the only concerns… vintage screams simplicity.

for me, 2012 represents a new discovery, a new journey..a new love…. and i am happy i was inspired by Mara Hruby for my New Year vintage inspired outfit……..

take a peek at her video and let me know what you think.

To learn more about Mara Hruby, connect with her on the internet