Super Soul Sunday-Maya Angelou

i am currently watching “Super Soul Sunday” on the OWN network. i am inspired. i am inspired just because.

absolutely no reason in sight but in heart. i am inspired to love. i am inspired to write. i am inspired to be free.

today on Super Soul Sunday the well known poet, Maya Angelou speaks. she speaks about God, she speaks about One, she speaks about All. She speaks about Spirit. i find myself on this spiritual journey to understand and learn my own  true purpose in life.

i was told by my therapist that life is a “school”…a school of learning ..a school of connecting.. a school of being. i didn’t understand her true meaning but on this rainy Sunday morning ,I get it.  i found myself going throughout life constantly resisting the inevitable which caused me to not really live in the moment…not really experience life and resist the desire to just “be”  while using all 5 senses-touch,taste, see,hear,smell to enjoy.

meditation,writing,art and this spiritual journey are those things that is  helping me stay grounded..helping me to be bold, fearless, let go, love, feel and be.


Take Off Your Cool-Satorial Sounds

as i was getting ready at 6:30 this morning,  i felt i needed that extra boost of inspiration.

as i made my way into the restroom i was inspired to open  Youtube & listen to Sartorial Sounds by a group of 7 artist coming together to share their love of all things “creative”.  as i listened to it i found  myself wanting  to  harken back to the 60’s wearing a vintage inspired pencil skirt, fedora style hat and mother of pearls earrings while sitting at a  Juke Joint with friends doing absolutely nothing but enjoying time, space and creativity.

“Sartorial Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right. And it’s the life experiences we encounter that provoke what we splash on our own blank canvas.”

Satorial Sounds

Artist included

Jesse Boykins III
Joekenneth Museau
Theo Martins
Joshua Bennett
Mara Hruby
Rinaldy Alvarez

-Street Etiquette

what inspires you? how do you express that creativity?

Vulnerability: Daring Greatly

“vulnerability opens the door to real intimacy”


as i watch “Super Soul Sunday..this quote has struck that “aha moment” with me. for a while i have kept many parts of me deep down within myself: almost denying who i am.  i now have an understanding that being open..being you regardless of all that it what is important. i now have made the choice to allow myself the permission to be vulnerable. i am not perfect. i find myself feeling scared. i am afraid of failure and at times success.  i am an artist. i am the youngest of 5. i have random heart conversations with my deceased grandfather,Daniel.  i dream this life of travel and art while meeting and loving amazing individuals. i feel pain. i feel joy. i feel hesitant. i feel life.

i play “roles” that’s expected of me: sister, daughter,friend, artist, african american woman, aunt, protector, provider, lover, giver, employee,etc. all i am is me…Amanda. i have learn that  fighting what reality really is ..causes the most suffering.

i am willing  and ready to be open…be expressive. share my needs,desires,wants.

i have learned  that no one wants to be vulnerable because of fear. no one wants to let go of all inhibitions because of the fear of being judged. but at the end of the day all you have is self.

Style,Inspiration & Pinterest

I freaking love browsing Pinterest to see all the new photos  that have been uploaded. Anytime I want to find inspiration my go to place is definitely Pinterest. I find pictures of fashion, beauty, art and culture . Lately, interior design and landscape pins have been one of my simple pleasures. Pinterest provides me with inspiration to revamp my overly stuffed closet or get outside and play.   Honestly, I think I have an addiction to it. My heart races as I  spend hours on end going through picture after picture  to see what  will load next.  Am I the only person who experience this? lol…I like to look at pins other people have posted along with the collaboration by others.

Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite Pinterests pins I found.




Sketch Sketch Sketch !!!!!



Old old old school.



caroline closet shoes .jpg

street styleparis toms shoes

Why do you use Pinterest? What pins inspire you?