Reblogged: Fashion in Film-Cosby Show

i was inspired to visit ModCloth’s  Blog I noticed an article  titled “Fashion in Film: The Cosby Show”, one of my favorite 80s show growing up. who don’t remember this show? i could not  help but  reblog this video because it definitely shows how The Cosbys incorporated Fashion in every aspect of the show.


Take Off Your Cool-Satorial Sounds

as i was getting ready at 6:30 this morning,  i felt i needed that extra boost of inspiration.

as i made my way into the restroom i was inspired to open  Youtube & listen to Sartorial Sounds by a group of 7 artist coming together to share their love of all things “creative”.  as i listened to it i found  myself wanting  to  harken back to the 60’s wearing a vintage inspired pencil skirt, fedora style hat and mother of pearls earrings while sitting at a  Juke Joint with friends doing absolutely nothing but enjoying time, space and creativity.

“Sartorial Sounds integrates both music and style, two elements embedded in every culture past and present. We think it’s important to remember that everyone is an artist in their own right. And it’s the life experiences we encounter that provoke what we splash on our own blank canvas.”

Satorial Sounds

Artist included

Jesse Boykins III
Joekenneth Museau
Theo Martins
Joshua Bennett
Mara Hruby
Rinaldy Alvarez

-Street Etiquette

what inspires you? how do you express that creativity?

How to Change Your Life: A User’s Guide

i received an email from WordPress.TV about blogging tips. one of the tips were an article by Leo Babautas,writer of Zenhabits. i have found myself visiting his site for dabs of inspiration anytime i found myself feeling bleu.

today, i decided to visit his site again and this is what caught my eye.

‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ ~Mike Murdock

i first thought to myself  “damn, whatever tip  he’s offering,  i am in desperate need”.

i say this because i have found myself with no inspiration to blog

He advises ” to start simple and easy”.

To learn more, click on the link

Trinkets I Found

Yesterday, I wasn’t feeling my bubbly ‘ol self and I felt the only solution was a little bit of retail therapy even if it was only window shopping.

I ventured out during my lunch break to a couple of Antique Shops on a mission to find that special piece(s) I could add to my wardrobe . I wasn’t able to find any clothing items but I did find some accessories. Before now, I never understood the role accessories played in finalizing my wardrobe but it does.

I found a pearl necklace and two signature wrist band type bracelets. I have never own any pearls but I like the put together feel they add. The arm bands are very detailed and different. Take a look…




An Untapped Issue: What is My Self Worth?

I just left Chipotle  after enjoying a girls day out on with my friend, Huda.  After hours of gossiping and sharing our own personal insecurities I never understood how much the lack of self worth is an untapped issue.  Why isn’t it discussed openly in our culture? Why aren’t we doing enough to ensure teenage girls and young women  feel beautiful about themselves ? This is an issue within our culture and it angers me.  I have experienced the feeling of unworthiness before but I never realized this is a widespread issue.

My niece confided in me that one of her friends considered suicide because she is plus size and doesn’t feel good enough.  I was shocked and my heart went out to her.  I was saddened. This is an issue that affect us all. It is very disturbing to know there are many young girls who are thinking of suicide as a result of feeling unworthy  because they may not be a size 2.

After doing some research, DoSomething.Org reports  ” 7 out of 10 girls feel they are not good enough”.  Things have to change.  I am inspired to take action.

I feel blessed that I have made a conscious decision to love me and understand I am the only person responsible for how I feel.  I am beautiful and I know I am worthy.

i love me

What is your Self Worth? b.c you are indeed BEAUTIFUL!!

The Case Of The Mondays: Simple Happiness

this is how i felt when i realize i had to work on a federal holiday

i so not want to be working today. I live in Atlanta, the Mecca of MLK DAY. i literally live across the street from the MLK Center and to think i had to report to work when many people are either taking advantage of this time to sleep in and watch cartoons or play catch up from procrastinating over the weekend. either way i am not feeling my best and to add insult to injury, It’s Monday;The Case of The Mondays to be exact!

it is amazing when you’re working you can think of all the things you could be doing rather than working but…

as i searched through WordPress Fashion community i came across Twice As Nice -two bloggers with 2 different perspectives.  Mary published a list of 10 simple things that brought her happiness and it inspired me to do the same so i can get out of this rut I am in…

here goes..

1.  listening to my granny rant about her latest QVC order

2. attending my niece basketball games

3. getting lost in a pint of chocolate Haagan-dazs ice cream

4. immersing myself in a tub of water filled with Vaseline Intensive Care “Gentle Breeze Scented Beads

5. a cup of Caribou Coffee ” Hot Chocolate”

6. doodling my thoughts

7. hearing the laughter of my mom

8. long gossip convos with my sister

9.  Dancing on table tops with friends

10. being told i am funny by my best friend, Tai

what simple things will your list include?

Happy Mondays! let’s keep it this way

Why I’m Choosing to Grow My Natural Curls Out

Curly Envy

for years i contemplated about saying goodbye to perms and growing my natural hair out,yet i had no freakin idea where to start.   When i was younger i never anticipated looking forward to Sunday evenings because it consisted of hours and hours of hair maintenance(shampooing,conditioning,straightening, curling).  i have memories of hiding from my mom each Sunday hoping she would eventually forget about our weekly routine but she never did.  i remember  telling my mom “oh, i want my hair like yours”.  she always seem to manage her hair with such ease and i envied that.

just say no to creamy crack

so this year i discovered another way to refine myself: “rocking my curls”  i am so tired of perms, the constant damage from the use of heating tools and spending countless hours  finding ways to  manipulate my hair so that it could remain straight.  i have yet to share this decision with  family and friends b/c i don’t care to listen to  their opinions or  wanna-be advice. i am happy to say  i have joined the “natural curly revolution” to learn ways to manage and embrace my curls. thanks to the many natural hair contributors out there; you guys rock!

I will keep you updated on my “grow out” progress. fingers-crossed

To learn more ways to manage your natural hair,visit a full website site of natural hair gurus(great support system) psychologists and natural hair expert natural hair blogger inspiring others