Vintage Muse- Poise & Grace beautiful mom in the 1960's

causes me to be so enthralled in the moment…
anytime i think of vintage clothing i think of poise..i think of grace…i think of all things feminine yet filled with simplicity. I read a quote that went something like this

“i love vintage clothing because of what it represents to me. I dress between the era’s of 1940-50’s because of the true beauty women from that time possessed..

women of this era always carried themselves with such poise. It seemed to come so easily yet so many woman today fight to adopt it even myself. vintage clothing is like no other…i don’t care about the brand but i do care about quality. I embrace all things with history. anytime i visit my grandmother I always immerse myself in her closet. i never know exactly what i will find as i stumble upon vintage piece after vintage piece. it keeps my heart wondering what the times were life so today i wanted  to share some vintage pieces that caught my eye. let me know what you think.

Betty Ansley on the cover of Jet Magazine

Dorothy Dandrige 1950's

Look Of The Day: Vintage Makes Me Feel Beautiful

i am a tomboi at heart but there is just something about vintage clothes that brings out the best in makes me feel fierce, elegant…confident..poised…all those things you beg to feel when your image looks back at you in the mirror….

…there is nothing like the feeling of confidence and discovering who you are…… to feel confident is to feel secure in your self -esteem and have self respect.  daily, say to yourself as you look in the mirror “I make the choices. I have the power to choose. I define my life, and I do not care what others think”…..

this dress was given to me by my grandmother

this camel colored jacket was purchased at 5,7,9 for $14.99

the belt was still intact

cream colored wedges from Payless!

i can definitely say I feel beautiful today….here are some 6 simple tips so that you feel as beautiful as you are

1.Become aware of your thoughts

Through awareness alone, you can begin to transmute your reality and transform lies into truth. Actively acknowledge that there is no inherent truth in the belief that you need to change something about yourself in order to be attractive. Consider that you can start feeling beautiful immediately, in this moment, without changing a single thing.

2.Set an intention to see Beauty
Setting an intention is simple: intend to create a different reality for yourself. Here are some examples:
I intend to experience my inherent beauty. Or: I intend to see my beauty and perfection at all times.

3. Take a “Meditation Moment”
Meditation is the mental equivalent of brushing your teeth. This means that it is an essential and indispensable daily activity designed to help rest and rejuvenate your body, cleanse your psyche, awaken your spirit, and help you live a life that you love.

Nourish yourself with instant meditation moments throughout the day.

4. Your Body is Your Best Friend
Your human body is your truest ally. Befriend it and it will serve you tirelessly.Treat it as you would a dear friend:

Feed your body with healthy food, taking the time to give it proper nourishment. Remember to exercise, and make it enjoyable. Anything to get your body moving will do wonders. Relaxation is key. In our harried and hurried world, it is essential that you remember to relax and rejuvenate.

5.Create Meaningful Moments
Every day is filled with countless tasks and errands: going to work, talking with friends, picking up the kids, supporting your significant other, washing dishes, going to the gym, visiting the supermarket, shopping – on and one it goes.  Remember that you can imbue each moment with meaning. It can be as simple as smiling at everyone you meet, reacting with compassion and love instead of anger, or making sure to tell your friends and loved ones how much you care about them.

6.You’re Smoking Hot, Inside Out
Remember, you were born beautiful. Believing that you are unattractive is a learned habit. You can unlearn it and discover the Joy, Peace, and Love that are your natural state and birthright!

So that is it –  6 simple steps to start feeling beautiful, right now, in this moment. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to experience the Beauty that you already are