Vulnerability: Daring Greatly

“vulnerability opens the door to real intimacy”


as i watch “Super Soul Sunday..this quote has struck that “aha moment” with me. for a while i have kept many parts of me deep down within myself: almost denying who i am.  i now have an understanding that being open..being you regardless of all that it what is important. i now have made the choice to allow myself the permission to be vulnerable. i am not perfect. i find myself feeling scared. i am afraid of failure and at times success.  i am an artist. i am the youngest of 5. i have random heart conversations with my deceased grandfather,Daniel.  i dream this life of travel and art while meeting and loving amazing individuals. i feel pain. i feel joy. i feel hesitant. i feel life.

i play “roles” that’s expected of me: sister, daughter,friend, artist, african american woman, aunt, protector, provider, lover, giver, employee,etc. all i am is me…Amanda. i have learn that  fighting what reality really is ..causes the most suffering.

i am willing  and ready to be open…be expressive. share my needs,desires,wants.

i have learned  that no one wants to be vulnerable because of fear. no one wants to let go of all inhibitions because of the fear of being judged. but at the end of the day all you have is self.