Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

after attending a “Financial Fit” seminar hosted by “Young Black Clergy” & Wells Fargo, I  ventured out with my niece; we made a our way to “Little 5 Points” and on around to Ponce De Leon. I like theses areas of Atlanta because the people are such “free spirits” and “creative”. its a place where people go to connect and heighten their senses.

we also stopped by Paris on Ponce, a antiquey shop I adore because it makes me  feel as if I have stepped back into time. as my niece,Alecia & I walked into this little shoppe….”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”  was blasting overhead.  i was inspired to put on some leggings,leg warmers and a side pony tail held by a scrunchie.  here are some photos of our little excursion.Paris on Ponce

IMG_3285[1] IMG_3291[1]  IMG_3294[1] IMG_3296[1] IMG_3299[1] IMG_3302[1] IMG_3311[1] IMG_3306[1] IMG_3305[1] IMG_3309[1]


American Apparel Model Contest-VOTE FOR ME!

Last week I found out that American Apparel, a Los Angeles based apparel company has launched a plus size model search contest. Guess what?  I decided to enter and submit my photos over the weekend.  It would greatly appreciated if you will vote for me.

Click Here To Submit Your Vote!