Cover:Rollingstone Features Bruno Mars

although this is his first time covering “RollingStone“..he still looks as stylish as ever.

it is immensely disappointing that i have yet to purchase my tickets to see Bruno Mars in concert in Atlanta.



I Need Your Feedback

hello you,

after participating in an online Twitter  #video chat with Modcloth  I thought it would be a  great idea to ask you ” what  do you want to see happen in the future of  TheAbsoluteMost?

Sometimes as a blogger it is so easy to view life from your own perspective with the readers’ consideration.

What do the readers want?

It is important that I provide you with content that is useful .  I would like to know what changes would you like to see happen with TheAbsoluteMost?

When you think of “TheAbsoluteMost”? ..what comes to mind?

What advice would you give a fellow lifestyle blogger to connect with readers and like-minded individuals?

What would you suggest when trying to find useful content to write about and prevent “writers block”?

I am looking to connect with you. Your feedback is appreciated.



How the Civil Rights Movement Influenced Style

as my family and I toured The Kings Center Memorial over the weekend I begun to take note of how style was integrated during such a time when African Americans were fighting to be treated fairly.

Despite the turmoil, people still found a way to express their individual style. From marching in the streets of Alabama to Rosa Parks being finger printed in a tailored fitted skirt, their circumstances didn’t deter their style of dress. Have you ever wondered how such an era for African Americans still finds it way to influence style today.

i,myself like Fedoras and a pencil skirt but I also enjoy street style with rugged jeans and boots.

Source:Huffington Post

Source:Huffington Post


Randomness Found

i saw this tumblr page called Roseyhandcuffs . this piece of writing caught my attention. the uncertainty of love can be scary yet exciting.

I know that besides your mother, you haven’t let a woman in as you’ve let me in. I know that besides your mother, I know you better than any other woman. I know you feel uneasy when I don’t respond to your first call and second text message. I know you’d put yourself in harms way for me. As would I. I know that when you see me, you get embarrassed of how big you smile so you look away. I know that I’ve helped you become the good man that you are.

You and I both know I will do anything for you to be great. But, you and I both know that I’d do so before I’d doing anything for me to be great. You and I both know this because I’m still here. Because I answer the first call and don’t let the second text message go unanswered. I know if I walk away it’ll hurt you.

I don’t know if you’d fight for me to stay. I don’t know if the light will turn on once I do. I don’t know if you’d see how you are when you’re with me. Really see. I don’t know if I do if you’d know all of what I know.

But, isn’t love about knowing? Do I know enough to ignore what I don’t?


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

after attending a “Financial Fit” seminar hosted by “Young Black Clergy” & Wells Fargo, I  ventured out with my niece; we made a our way to “Little 5 Points” and on around to Ponce De Leon. I like theses areas of Atlanta because the people are such “free spirits” and “creative”. its a place where people go to connect and heighten their senses.

we also stopped by Paris on Ponce, a antiquey shop I adore because it makes me  feel as if I have stepped back into time. as my niece,Alecia & I walked into this little shoppe….”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”  was blasting overhead.  i was inspired to put on some leggings,leg warmers and a side pony tail held by a scrunchie.  here are some photos of our little excursion.Paris on Ponce

IMG_3285[1] IMG_3291[1]  IMG_3294[1] IMG_3296[1] IMG_3299[1] IMG_3302[1] IMG_3311[1] IMG_3306[1] IMG_3305[1] IMG_3309[1]