5 Ways to Personalize Your Space

creating a space just for you can be life changing.  learning to let go of all things that no longer serve your purpose is liberating. i am in the process of moving into my sisters home.  majority of my things are going into storage.  this moving process  has motivated me to access all things i own.  based on a previous post  i am thrill to eliminate all things that does not represent who i am today.  i am willing to just let go of all things that represents a negative memory or cause me to feel any negative emotion.

i am going to design my new space based on all things that compliments who I am:whimsical, colorful, spontaneous,bold,hippie

when personalizing your space it is important to use the remaining  items you have left over after letting go.  think of your space as a “blank canvass”

1. Discover

get outside and get inspired by your surrounding images and colors. give yourself permission to imagine who you are and who you want to become.


start by choose a color that represents your personality.  you can paint the entire wall or choose an accent wall. when choosing a color always consider the lighting in your space.  one of my favorite colors are violet but my new living space has  little lighting.   i have decided to accent my space with green to appear bigger and brighter.

3. Add a Staple Piece

be it a painting or sofa, it is important to add a staple piece to your space. t i have decided to order a black futon i saw  at Target.


4. Lighting

changing the lighting of a room can also enhance the energy of your space. Ikea has the most affordable lighting fixtures. I enjoy going

here because the possibilities are endless.

5. Add Flair to Windows

i never really knew how windows played an intricate part in the  overall feel of a  living space. when personalizing your space look for fabrics,textures and colors that speaks to you. you can go with a combination of window shades combined with drapes or drapes alone.  look for colors that compliments your staple piece and chosen wall color.


there is nothing like going home to a space that represents who you are.


How to Wear a Fedora

since i have been a fan of Bruno Mars ,i found myself being more adventurous with styling. The styling possibilities are endless.

Fedoras come in many shapes and colors but it seems that Fedoras for men are more stylish than those for women.  the history of Fedoras date all the way back to the 18th century and was inspired by a play.   recently, women have started incorporating Fedoras in their wardrobe.

i own one Fedora but really didn’t know how to wear it ,but with some research here are some tips I have compiled.

    • Make Sure It Fits:ensure the front brim isn’t too tight nor too loose
    • Have Fun:  try on many different styles until you are confident it is the one for you since face/head shapes vary from person to person
    • Express Your Personality:express your personality by changing the different angles of the Fedora.

How to Change Your Life: A User’s Guide

i received an email from WordPress.TV about blogging tips. one of the tips were an article by Leo Babautas,writer of Zenhabits. i have found myself visiting his site for dabs of inspiration anytime i found myself feeling bleu.

today, i decided to visit his site again and this is what caught my eye.

‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.’ ~Mike Murdock

i first thought to myself  “damn, whatever tip  he’s offering,  i am in desperate need”.

i say this because i have found myself with no inspiration to blog

He advises ” to start simple and easy”.

To learn more, click on the link


Fall Trends: Prints & Patterns

mixing printsI am so inspired by certain patterns and prints. Inspired enough to take my lunch break early and make my way to the local vintage stores . Keeping my fingers crossed with  hopes I find items I can add to my Fall/Winter collection.

I am still learning ways to incorporate patterns and prints in my already established wardrobe. Here are some tips:

Polka Dots- a couple of years ago I would not have been caught dead in Polka dost but there are so many ways to dress it up or down. With a nice polka dot top you can add a basic solid color skirt such as a pencil or full black skirt.

Tribal Print- I started noticing these prints during early Spring 2012 and people have found various ways to incorporate this fun and flirty print into their collection. Because of the various combination, tribal prints comes in many different shades and makes transitioning from summer to fall even easier. Pair your tribal top with some skinny jeans and solid colored pumps.

Animal Print- I think this has been one of my favorites. I haven’t dipped into wearing animal printed shoes but luckily I have found some attention grabbing tops. Wearing cheetah to zebra printed tops has always went well with red skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Last week I purchase a snake skin printed top and paired it with my coral pencil skirt. I was apprehensive but I was able to pull it off.


mixed prints

color and prints

prints and wicker

pony prints.

layered prints.

Fighting the Urge to Reach for a Relaxer

Are you currently transitioning from a relaxer to  natural curls?

…well you know what I mean when I say it was one of those days. I was tempted to reach for a relaxer. Today was definitely one of those days and  I felt not so pretty….we all want to feel pretty…right? I spent half of my Sunday morning dragging my best friend, Tai along with me searching for a beauty supply store. No Luck! I had to wait until 12pm.

Although I am 10 months into my transition, which is  more than half way through my 1st year ….I was so tempted to  perm my hair. Sometimes I ask myself why must my hair be  styled straight in order for me to feel attractive.  I felt angry and lost. I felt as if I had no solution to this hair management problem.  My best friend reassuredme I looked fine , well why didn’t I feel fine. With every passing reflection of myself..it was a continuous reminder of a problem I felt I didn’t have a solution for.
After finding my holy grail – Silicon Mix, a Dominican deep conditioner I sped home to slather it into my hair to remind myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t perm my hair.  I am really not sure of my hair pattern but whatever it is..I am in awe…thank you Ms.Silicon Mix.

I sectioned my hair and applied the deep conditioner. It works wonders for transitioners because it has a slip consistency; it makes detangling a breeze. I slowly watched my hair transition itself from straight to a naturally curl & wavy pattern. I let the conditioner sit for almost an hour and all the while admiring my natural curl pattern. I have decided to transition until all my relaxed end are gone. I can’t wait. I give it until December and I’ll be 100% Natural!…. I am looking forward to trying all the natural hair styles everyone is hooplaing about.

Yes, transitioning can be tedious and troublesome so how do you deal with fighting the urge to reach for a  relaxer?


I would love to hear you story.


Curly Girl Beginner’s Guide: Deep Conditioning For Lazy Girls

I just walked in the door from  seeing “The Avengers”(Robert Downey Jr. rocks!)  at Atlantic Station with my best friend Tai. If you haven’t  seen it….please do so.  I give it ★ ☆ ★ ✰★…..The action and comedy is never ending..lol.

As many of you know I decided to grow my natural hair out. Imagine that!..this is from getting perms since I was 14. This month makes it 8 months without one. Being a new “curly girl” beginner,  it has been an uphill battle  but with patience and Youtube tutorials I have been able to stay away from what the natural  world  now calls “the creamy crack”. Yes, it can be addictive and maybe because it is so much easier managing my hair with perms.
I am always browsing the internet for better ways to manage my transition ,especially since I can be so freaking lazy when it comes to my hair. So what is this solution you may ask? Leave that trusty ‘ol conditioner in your hair.  It will leave your hair well hydrated and prevent frizz, which is something many naturals battle in places with high humidity and dewpoint(yes, it a science to this madness).  Until next time…take a quick peek at this curly girl tutorial of how to deep condition your hair on the go. Its 1am EST and I have to be up at 6am so I am going to go to bed before I start drooling on this keyboard.

at the rate i am going i see this happening in my foreseen future…



Randomness Mondays

wearing a white collar shirt with bow-tie from local thrift boutique

How was your weekend?……..

It seems as if it  flew by to  me. I attended a birthday party and had a blast. Right now I am kinda bored and thought I would check in with an update and besides tomorrow is the 1st day of Spring. Whoooo! Hooooo!  After leaving work last  Friday I decided to take a look at this boutique my sister has been begging me to see. To my suprise I was able to find this  ASOS green skirt I have been wanting to purchase. I purchased it on sale for $11 versus the online price plus shipping. I also found a couple of other skirts. Let me know what you guys think. Please forgive me I had to attempt to take my pictures with my webcam.

i love the print

i love that it bunches in the front

the small stripe of PINK caught my eye- pretty summer pattern

i added a belt to make it look like a dress or it can be pulled down and paired with a blazer or even denim jacket

Thrift Steal- I purchased these "Cole Haan" Douglas Loafers for $5.95 and they retail at Nordstroms for $168. Love thrifting.

I couldn't help but get this Old Navy like new sandals for $6.

I don’t know about you but I am so fucking anticipating SPRING/SUMMER!

DIY Colorblock Bag

DIY: Colorblock Bag

DIY: Colorblock Bag

From 3.1 Phillip Lim to Chloé, we’ve been seeing lots of colorblocked bags on the runway. Check out this DIY on how to make your very own colorblock purse!

For this DIY you’ll just need spray paint, tape, and an old or used purse! Wipe the surface of the purse gently. Tape off all of the parts of the purse you don’t want to add color to (including the clasps). Place the purse on newspaper and spray a coat on the area you want to color. Let it dry and then apply a second coat. Wait for the second coat to dry before showing off your awesome runway-inspired DIY to your friends.

Thanks to @handmademoon (http://le-minimalist.blogspot.com/) for the awesome DIY!

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed

This morning I read an article from a wordpress blogger discussing how she became obsessed with her stats.  I mean, I can totally relate to this because I lately realize it was an issue for me.  Instead of focusing my energy on creating insanely great content I was obsessing over my stats and ways to become a over night sensation. Lucky for her, WordPress editors found her blog and she became “Freshly Pressed” Yes, you heard right, “Freshly Pressed”.  I want to become “Freshly Pressed” . For those  bloggers  who are interested in learning some quick tricks take a look at these 5 simple tips to help your blog get  featured on “Freshly Pressed”

Happy Blogging!

Five Ways to Get Featured on Freshly Pressed.