Food Crush: Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

I am always looking for the next  restaurant  that threatens to awaken my taste buds.   A few weeks ago a friend invited me  out to Sweet Georgias Juke Joint located in the heart of  downtown Atlanta-a city filled with a deep culture of good food, people and music.  When I think of “Juke Joint” mind harkens back to the early 1900s, a time when folks wore well tailored suits  and sat around sipping sweet tea while enjoying the simple things in life.

Upon entering the restaurant, the first thing I noticed was a  center stage filled with artists performing songs from the 1940s-70s, painted murals depicting the  southern culture, the smell of southern food, and the laughter of  patrons as they danced the night away.



After taking  in the scenery , I reviewed the menu and ordered the Peach Glazed Salmon with Garlic Potatoes. You can choose to either  have it grilled or blackened. I went with grilled!   I like my salmon to be flaky and tender.  I must say, I enjoyed. Another sweet treat that grab my attention was the mason jars: cold, ice beverages served in mason jars. It is just something different about drinking beverages out of a mason jar.



I look forward to returning very soon to try their Shrimp & Grits dish.


The entire experience made me feel at  home. It  reminded me of my childhood growing up in southern Georgia. It took me back to the moments when I stood in  my grandmother’s kitchen watching her  as she hurried to prepare Sunday dinner for  immediate family and closest friends.  She would always have Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner playing in a distance.

My experience at  Sweet Georgias Juke Joint taught me that amongst the hustle and bustle of life, it is important to slow things down and enjoy the simple  things that it has to offer.  I was pretty  impressed by the music, food and the people that I wanted more.  I reached out to the owners to gain insight on what inspired Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint and this is what they had to say.

Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint is the culmination of a deep history of music, food, drink and socializing in the South. Located in the former Macy’s building, in the heart of downtown Atlanta at the iconic 200 Peachtree address, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint brings the city a place to relax while enjoying live entertainment and exceptional cuisine. Historically, juke joints originated in the rural outskirts of many southern towns to give African American communities a place to kick back and unwind after a long week of work. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint offers a dining and musical entertainment experience in downtown Atlanta, representing diverse culture, featuring music across all genres and popular hits throughout American history. An imaginative menu makes Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint a staple in Atlanta’s downtown restaurant scene, and the allure of traditional juke joints is showcased in the restaurant’s design.

The design of Juke Joint is the modern day incarnation of the environment that gave birth to the “raucous and raunchy” music known as “boogie-woogie.” The tadpole and lily-pad inspired design pays homage to the often low-lying wetlands where historic juke joints once stood. The décor includes a nostalgic wall of period photos, historic artifacts, and walnut wood accents and cabinetry. Local artist Stacy Brown designed the 18-foot custom mural which hangs in the main dining room.

What is your signature dish and why that particular dish?

There are so many favorite dishes at the Juke Joint. We have people that come in every week and know what they are ordering before they walk in the door. One of our best sellers and favorites is the Juke Joint Fried Chicken, which comes with two of our signature sides (Juke Joint recommendation: tried the Southern Mac + Cheese and the Collard Greens with Smoked Turkey). Another favorite is the Shrimp & Grits, made with our signature jumbo sautéed shrimp and parmesan cheese grits, topped with tomatoes and crispy Vidalia onions.

What role does Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint play in the culture of Atlanta?

The Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint concept celebrates a time when life was slower and sweeter, when music and food was at the heart of social gatherings. Inspiration for the restaurant came from a centuries-old word, yuka, derived from a West African word that means to make noise. African Americans brought this notion with them to the Old South and created juke houses, house-taverns established for fun and music. Juke Joint strives to capture some of the merriment of those old juke houses and has been created especially as a place for you to sit back, relax, and have some fun.

Through strategic community involvement and charitable giving, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint prioritizes actively getting involved in order to have a positive impact on the community. Annually, they donate tens of thousands of dollars and time to local programs that focus on social, economic, environmental and educational issues. All of the programs they support instill a sense of hope in those they touch while using creative problem solving to instigate change.

Finally, Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint is devoted to celebrating the music culture of Atlanta. It is a gathering place. A place where people can come and enjoy good food and libations while listening to the smooth, relaxing sounds of a jazz band (almost at all times of the day). The music-centric restaurant also features a wood dance floor, stage for live music, and state-of-the-art video screen for guests’ entertainment. Juke Joint’s spacious private dining room offers guests a VIP view of the stage and live musical performances, and is the perfect location for any type of special event.

If you want to learn more or want to travel  back in time, visit Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint.

Share your story…we’ll love to hear .


Super Soul Sunday-Maya Angelou

i am currently watching “Super Soul Sunday” on the OWN network. i am inspired. i am inspired just because.

absolutely no reason in sight but in heart. i am inspired to love. i am inspired to write. i am inspired to be free.

today on Super Soul Sunday the well known poet, Maya Angelou speaks. she speaks about God, she speaks about One, she speaks about All. She speaks about Spirit. i find myself on this spiritual journey to understand and learn my own  true purpose in life.

i was told by my therapist that life is a “school”…a school of learning ..a school of connecting.. a school of being. i didn’t understand her true meaning but on this rainy Sunday morning ,I get it.  i found myself going throughout life constantly resisting the inevitable which caused me to not really live in the moment…not really experience life and resist the desire to just “be”  while using all 5 senses-touch,taste, see,hear,smell to enjoy.

meditation,writing,art and this spiritual journey are those things that is  helping me stay grounded..helping me to be bold, fearless, let go, love, feel and be.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Space

creating a space just for you can be life changing.  learning to let go of all things that no longer serve your purpose is liberating. i am in the process of moving into my sisters home.  majority of my things are going into storage.  this moving process  has motivated me to access all things i own.  based on a previous post  i am thrill to eliminate all things that does not represent who i am today.  i am willing to just let go of all things that represents a negative memory or cause me to feel any negative emotion.

i am going to design my new space based on all things that compliments who I am:whimsical, colorful, spontaneous,bold,hippie

when personalizing your space it is important to use the remaining  items you have left over after letting go.  think of your space as a “blank canvass”

1. Discover

get outside and get inspired by your surrounding images and colors. give yourself permission to imagine who you are and who you want to become.


start by choose a color that represents your personality.  you can paint the entire wall or choose an accent wall. when choosing a color always consider the lighting in your space.  one of my favorite colors are violet but my new living space has  little lighting.   i have decided to accent my space with green to appear bigger and brighter.

3. Add a Staple Piece

be it a painting or sofa, it is important to add a staple piece to your space. t i have decided to order a black futon i saw  at Target.

4. Lighting

changing the lighting of a room can also enhance the energy of your space. Ikea has the most affordable lighting fixtures. I enjoy going

here because the possibilities are endless.

5. Add Flair to Windows

i never really knew how windows played an intricate part in the  overall feel of a  living space. when personalizing your space look for fabrics,textures and colors that speaks to you. you can go with a combination of window shades combined with drapes or drapes alone.  look for colors that compliments your staple piece and chosen wall color.

there is nothing like going home to a space that represents who you are.

I Need Your Feedback

hello you,

after participating in an online Twitter  #video chat with Modcloth  I thought it would be a  great idea to ask you ” what  do you want to see happen in the future of  TheAbsoluteMost?

Sometimes as a blogger it is so easy to view life from your own perspective with the readers’ consideration.

What do the readers want?

It is important that I provide you with content that is useful .  I would like to know what changes would you like to see happen with TheAbsoluteMost?

When you think of “TheAbsoluteMost”? ..what comes to mind?

What advice would you give a fellow lifestyle blogger to connect with readers and like-minded individuals?

What would you suggest when trying to find useful content to write about and prevent “writers block”?

I am looking to connect with you. Your feedback is appreciated.



How to Wear a Fedora

since i have been a fan of Bruno Mars ,i found myself being more adventurous with styling. The styling possibilities are endless.

Fedoras come in many shapes and colors but it seems that Fedoras for men are more stylish than those for women.  the history of Fedoras date all the way back to the 18th century and was inspired by a play.   recently, women have started incorporating Fedoras in their wardrobe.

i own one Fedora but really didn’t know how to wear it ,but with some research here are some tips I have compiled.

    • Make Sure It Fits:ensure the front brim isn’t too tight nor too loose
    • Have Fun:  try on many different styles until you are confident it is the one for you since face/head shapes vary from person to person
    • Express Your Personality:express your personality by changing the different angles of the Fedora.

Fashion Find: H&M Checked/Beige Blazer

Yesterday, I mentioned in a previous post my inspiration to channel Bruno Mars for this year’s Halloween festivities. While out shopping for my niece  the other day  I think I found the perfect wardrobe piece to add to my finished ensemble: H&M Checked/Beige Blazer for $39.95. This item is a  Fitted jacket in soft fabric with two front flap pockets, one ticket pocket, decorative buttons at cuffs, and a vent at back and comes in a variations of colors:Coral.Dark Blue. Turquoise. & Gray Melange(whatever that is). While trying it on I realized H&M clothing has a tendency to run small, so it is important to remember if you decided to order online.

H&M Checked/Beige Blazer . I am really feeling the beige/brown/black checked combination. It screams Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!

H&M Checked/Beige Blazer $39.95



I will continue to shop around and keep you updated.  Until then I really need your help…..What color shirt and pants should I wear? What about Fedora?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Until next time…..

Halloween Costume Ideas: Channeling Bruno Mars

Bruno MarsYes, I said it. Bruno Mars! On my way to work this morning something told me to listen to the new Bruno Mars single, “Locked Out Of Heaven”. For those that know me, you are aware I am a huge Bruno Mars Fan.  I give it 5 Stars. It is has an upbeat tempo, retro and MoTown vibe.  What best time than any to channel someone you admire or even have a crush on than during Halloween?



All there is left to do is incorporate his style: vintage and with a mix of doo wop.  Where should i start? Oh yeah….vintage stores and thrift shops, of course!  Here are some items I am planning to incorporate. Let me know what your thoughts are.

50’s, Charisma & Fedoras-Bruno is known for his signature Fedoras. My friend, Tai told me I could use her Fedora she picked up from a vintage shoppe in Savannah over the summer. Yay, me!

Bruno Mars

Plaid Shirt & Blazers

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars<3

Bruno Mars

RayBans- Wayfarer


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars