Reblogged: Fashion in Film-Cosby Show

i was inspired to visit ModCloth’s  Blog I noticed an article  titled “Fashion in Film: The Cosby Show”, one of my favorite 80s show growing up. who don’t remember this show? i could not  help but  reblog this video because it definitely shows how The Cosbys incorporated Fashion in every aspect of the show.


Let’s Accessorize!

One thing I have come to realize is that accessories add the finish touch to any outfit. Why am I just finding this out?


accessories accessories!

Accessories, accessories. #EatingLemons

accessories, accessories




Monday’s Wardrobe Inspiration

Sometimes it can be so difficult to figure out what I am going to wear to jump start my week. Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear despite the closet full of clothes? Well, there’s app for that! Unitl then…. I have put together some pinterest photos to help you find inspiration.


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Fall 2012 Trends: Full Skirts

Reasons To Try It

Full skirts have so much versatility. You can wear it  with almost anything from vintage pumps to those multi-colored flats. It really compliments those girls with curves.

How to Wear it

Full skirts helps emphasize the waist line. Pair it with a belt, blouse or soft 3/4 cardigan anytime throughout the year. What is your favorite way to style a full skirt.

full skirts

Full Skirts


AMERICAN VINTAGE Multicolor Diamond Print Skirt

Natural Hair Girl in Corporate America

I just finished reading an article titled “My (Un)straight (Almost) Natural (Much) Healthier Hair” by Associate beauty Editor,Megan O’Neill.

She touched bases on the growth of the natural hair community in the last couple of years. She mentioned she has been inspired by many celebrities who has made the choice to rock their natural curls.

But, what if you’re not a celebrity such as myself? What about stepping into an office that clearly displays natural hair isn’t acceptable?

Megan O’Neill proceeded by revealing she once was denied employment because the interviewer assumed she was unkept just by the look of her natural hair. How dare he? I, myself work in Corporate American and it isn’t nice to women who has made the choice to rock out with their curls. Maybe it is has something to do with my own insecurity of wearing my own hair natural or maybe the far and in between resources that doesn’t make the choice of going natural any easier.

In a straight do you cope with your natural hair in a corporate office?

Fighting the Urge to Reach for a Relaxer

Are you currently transitioning from a relaxer to  natural curls?

…well you know what I mean when I say it was one of those days. I was tempted to reach for a relaxer. Today was definitely one of those days and  I felt not so pretty….we all want to feel pretty…right? I spent half of my Sunday morning dragging my best friend, Tai along with me searching for a beauty supply store. No Luck! I had to wait until 12pm.

Although I am 10 months into my transition, which is  more than half way through my 1st year ….I was so tempted to  perm my hair. Sometimes I ask myself why must my hair be  styled straight in order for me to feel attractive.  I felt angry and lost. I felt as if I had no solution to this hair management problem.  My best friend reassuredme I looked fine , well why didn’t I feel fine. With every passing reflection of was a continuous reminder of a problem I felt I didn’t have a solution for.
After finding my holy grail – Silicon Mix, a Dominican deep conditioner I sped home to slather it into my hair to remind myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t perm my hair.  I am really not sure of my hair pattern but whatever it is..I am in awe…thank you Ms.Silicon Mix.

I sectioned my hair and applied the deep conditioner. It works wonders for transitioners because it has a slip consistency; it makes detangling a breeze. I slowly watched my hair transition itself from straight to a naturally curl & wavy pattern. I let the conditioner sit for almost an hour and all the while admiring my natural curl pattern. I have decided to transition until all my relaxed end are gone. I can’t wait. I give it until December and I’ll be 100% Natural!…. I am looking forward to trying all the natural hair styles everyone is hooplaing about.

Yes, transitioning can be tedious and troublesome so how do you deal with fighting the urge to reach for a  relaxer?


I would love to hear you story.


Kerry Washington goes VINTAGE !

Kerry Washington goes VINTAGE !

Kerry Washington goes VINTAGE !

Well in case you haven’t already heard the beautiful Mrs.Kerry Washington went vintage for Vogue Italia . My personal favorite was the animal print jumpsuit and the leopard print heels were just the icing on the cake. I think the look is very simple and being that she only wore a select few jewelry pieces it made the jumpsuit pop! After-all, could someone honestly walk pass you with this on and you not turn your head?

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Reblogged: Transitioning Movement!

I couldn’t resist reblogging this article for all new transitioners .

Yesterday, as I was taking a stroll with my niece I stopped to have “what I thought ” would be a quick conversation with the receptionist at the rental office of my apartment complex  but turned into a discuss about natural hair.  Because I am a a new transitioner, I often stop to inquiry about other natural’s hair regimen .because for myself transitioning  can be a daunting journey without the necessary knowledge.

This article will help you through your transitioning phase credited by Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter .

Source:Carol’s Daughter

The-Long Grow-Out(Straight Styler)

Cool, we get it; you don’t want to cut you hair off at once! You’ve chosen to grow out your relaxer over time and stay smooth as you transition! Here are three things you need to know:

1)  STYLE YOUR HAIR WITHOUT LOTS OF HEAT: You’re going to notice lots of breakage during your journey, especially since you’ll be applying a lot of heat to wear your hair straight. But don’t worry, we got you covered here at Try roller sets, doobie wraps and hood-dryer styles.

2)  LEARN OUR EASY DETANGLING TRICKS: Dealing with two hair textures (new growth and relaxed hair) can be tricky, but we’ll help keep you tangle-free.
*Always detangle in sections
*Always detangle first with your fingers, then a wide-tooth comb, working from ends to roots

3) GET REGULAR TRIMS: The more length you leave past the line of demarcation (where your new growth meets your relaxed hair), the faster it will break from the weight—so trims are a must for you. Give yourself a monthly goal of how long you want your hair to grow. When you meet that goal, go get a trim and treat yourself to something nice!

You can learn more about the Transitioning Movement & Carol’s Daughter Products here


The Adventures of a Vintage Muse:Paris On Ponce

It’s Saturday and I have been up since 3am hoping to catch the “Free Dental Care” event held in Alpharetta, GA. Of course, the place was jammed packed so I resorted to visiting the near by park to catch the sunrise..Sounds dope, right?

Since I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and school I decided to spend this weekend relaxing and sipping on “Sleepy Time Chamomile & Spearmint Green Tea”..what a freaking joy that is….so I decided to use my downtime to share my adventure last Saturday  to “PARIS ON PONCE“…an intriguing antique playground with over 40,000 sq ft of all things unique and vintage.

To Learn More..visit them at Paris On Ponce.

love this

who doesn’t love vintage?


people love their Coke

i remember sitting on one of these at my granny’s growing up

i imagine myself playing oldies ..

whoever is the creator of this.i will kiss you

outfit here is a Gap Cotton 3/4sleeve shirt for $5 & Khaki Shorts for $4 from Plato’s Closet#stylewinning

i love the music..the scene…the set up….

oh..I didn’t tell you…they have V.I.P!