8 Steps to Self Discovery

have you ever felt lost in the wide space of life? i have. i find myself on a constant search of who i am. i often ask myself who am i? since i have been meditating with inspiration from my vision board life seems to become more clearer. it is easy to go throughout life inspired by someone else’s dreams or perspective of you.  i begun to feel unfulfilled once i realize my life was so predictable:breakfast,work, home, family,etc.  i knew i needed a change and a glimpse of inspiration.

its been over a month and a half and when i look back at my vision board, which is filled with words such as “calm”, “inner vision”,”boldness”, “creativity”…i am starting to become those things. i am starting to create a life filled with peace, joy and understanding.

i believe life is a constant change . we are always evolving into the person we are meant to become. after sitting in the library and flipping through Oprah’s “O” magazine I was inspired by Xorin Balbes, author and designer of “Soul Space“. he mentions that “when you start living in an environment that’s more like you, then others can see more of you” . Have you ever wondered how your environment or space has a direct reflect of your mood and who you are as a person….either from your work,home and social space.

Here are a 8 steps to help recreate your space into the person you are.

1. Assess

First, step back and consider your home like a neutral observer. “The idea is to take an inventory to determine what’s in there that you love, and what’s just taking up space,” Balbes says. Questions to ask include: Which rooms make you feel most comfortable? Is there a room you never use? What’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning? When you walk through the door? Are there items in your home that no longer reflect who you are? What have you outgrown? Don’t make a to-do list yet; just note your strongest impressions, and keep an eye out for hidden inspiration. Says Balbes, “Often our deepest, truest style is represented by a single object in our homes—say, a piece of clothing or jewelry, or a picture.”

2. Release

Now it’s time to cull. Balbes suggests the following guidelines for separating what to keep from what to sell, donate to charity, give to friends, recycle, or toss:

Let go of anything that…

Is collecting dust
“Garages, basements, and attics are full of items that should be released,” Balbes says. “Get rid of all that weight and set yourself free.”

Dredges up unpleasant emotions
Even if the item in question is valuable, if its provenance makes you feel crummy, it can’t stay. “If you have a chair that’s pretty but was an inheritance from a horrid old aunt who was always criticizing you,” Balbes says, “let it go. It’s an anchor to the past.” Likewise, don’t keep photos around if you don’t adore the people in them.

Doesn’t work anymore
If it’s damaged beyond repair, outdated enough to be useless, or worn out to the point of shabbiness, give it the heave-ho.

Is uncomfortable
Out with scratchy blankets, chairs that are awkward to sit on, too-tight pants—anything that irritates rather than delights.

Keep anything that…

You love
When evaluating what belongs in your home, Balbes sets the bar high: You must actually love it. And while this kind of emotional connection may seem possible only with things like fine art and keepsakes, he believes that even mundane objects (think spatulas and bath towels) should make you happy when you use them: “Everything you surround yourself with either lifts you up or brings you down.”

3. Cleanse

You’ve decided what will stay and what must go. Now break out the vacuum cleaner, the wood polish, the iron—and care for your home. Open your windows and let in the breeze. Replace lightbulbs. Rotate your mattress. Tend to necessary repairs. At the same time you’re literally cleaning your environment, Balbes says, you also want to clear out any emotional cobwebs. In rooms where you’ve experienced loss or pain, he recommends burning sage or sweetgrass, an energy cleansing technique favored by Native Americans. Balbes refers to this phase as “spring cleaning for the soul.”

4. Dream

You’ve released the past; this next phase is all about the future. Who are you now and who do you want to become? “Let yourself experience new things,” says Balbes. “Go to new restaurants, roam around new neighborhoods—it’s about getting inspired.” You might make a vision board, filling it not with standard-issue photos of mega-mansions but with images that make your spirit soar. Maybe you dream of sailing, or English gardens, or Bali. “You want to go into a very meditative mode of just flipping through magazines and tearing out things you feel a connection with,” Balbes says. “Don’t do it from a place of thinking.”

5. Discover

Now bring those dreams to life by finding the objects that express your true self. Look at catalogs. Browse flea markets. Surf websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy. “I think people get stuck in routines and styles,” Balbes says. “It’s important to open up. Let your imagination lead the way.”

6. Create

Your budget will dictate the scope of your improvements, but even minor changes can make a big difference. You might rearrange the furniture in your living room to make it more inviting for friends to drop by, or move your desk next to a window so it gets more natural light. Want to paint your bedroom sky blue? Hang a chandelier in the bathroom? Now’s the time. Expert opinions don’t matter here; this process, Balbes stresses, is about “you really making your home yours.”

7. Elevate

Now for the finishing touches, or what Balbes calls grace notes. Often we don’t make the effort to add a vase of flowers in our favorite colors, turn on some music, and spritz the air with an appealing scent, yet it takes only a moment—and very little cash—to bring in these uplifting elements.

8. Celebrate

“For some people the soul space process might take years to fully express,” Balbes says. “But if you can even start it, you’re beginning to connect to your true essence.” It’s important to invite people over to share your home’s transformation, he notes, “because when you start living in an environment that’s more like you, then others can see more of you. And hopefully you’re inspiring them to become more of who they are, too.”


Style,Inspiration & Pinterest

I freaking love browsing Pinterest to see all the new photos  that have been uploaded. Anytime I want to find inspiration my go to place is definitely Pinterest. I find pictures of fashion, beauty, art and culture . Lately, interior design and landscape pins have been one of my simple pleasures. Pinterest provides me with inspiration to revamp my overly stuffed closet or get outside and play.   Honestly, I think I have an addiction to it. My heart races as I  spend hours on end going through picture after picture  to see what  will load next.  Am I the only person who experience this? lol…I like to look at pins other people have posted along with the collaboration by others.

Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite Pinterests pins I found.




Sketch Sketch Sketch !!!!!



Old old old school.



caroline closet shoes .jpg

street styleparis toms shoes

Why do you use Pinterest? What pins inspire you?

Halloween Costume Ideas: Channeling Bruno Mars

Bruno MarsYes, I said it. Bruno Mars! On my way to work this morning something told me to listen to the new Bruno Mars single, “Locked Out Of Heaven”. For those that know me, you are aware I am a huge Bruno Mars Fan.  I give it 5 Stars. It is has an upbeat tempo, retro and MoTown vibe.  What best time than any to channel someone you admire or even have a crush on than during Halloween?



All there is left to do is incorporate his style: vintage and with a mix of doo wop.  Where should i start? Oh yeah….vintage stores and thrift shops, of course!  Here are some items I am planning to incorporate. Let me know what your thoughts are.

50’s, Charisma & Fedoras-Bruno is known for his signature Fedoras. My friend, Tai told me I could use her Fedora she picked up from a vintage shoppe in Savannah over the summer. Yay, me!

Bruno Mars

Plaid Shirt & Blazers

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars<3

Bruno Mars

RayBans- Wayfarer


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Monday’s Wardrobe Inspiration

Sometimes it can be so difficult to figure out what I am going to wear to jump start my week. Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear despite the closet full of clothes? Well, there’s app for that! Unitl then…. I have put together some pinterest photos to help you find inspiration.


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Magazine Makeover: Lucky Magazine September 2012 Issue

I am excited to announce a new segment to TheAbsoluteMost:Magazine Makeover.

Magazine Makeover will introduce statement pieces I’m inspired by while  turning those inspirations  into my own individual style  using unique pieces I find during  my  shopping excursions at various locations:  boutiques, vintage stores and some of my favorite thrift shops around the city.

Starting with the September 2012 of Lucky Magazine,


I decided to start this week off with a casual Fall look by Lucky’s own Creative Director, Jana Gale in this September 2012 issue.  She starts with a statement blouse, which I am sure you all have , paired  with a sweater, skirt and peep-toe Mary Janes.

To give summer a farewell goodbye, I  chose to keep it  colorful  with a pretty-in pink  Loft sweater paired with a flower-print blouse  I initially stumbled across  at TJ Maxx for $15.99, but later found it at  Value Village for $3.49. Now, how cool is that. I found it yesterday during their half off Wednesdays.

My navy blue pencil skirt made putting together my outfit even more effortless.  You can never go wrong with classic black MaryJane pumps so I finished the look with these lovelies. Remember, accessories plays a huge role in your overall outfit. Accessories says everything you want to know about an outfit.  I went with a simple, yet chic sterling silver bangle and vintage watch.

It was so much fun putting this outfit together.  The best thing about vintage and thrift shopping is finding pieces you love for less. It is definitely an adrenaline rush for me and I enjoy sharing my unique findings with others.

Source:Lucky Magazine

How To Tie A Scarf

It is Monday and I am starting to notice the sprinkle of fall on leaves and the morning dew. Who doesn’t like Fall.  One of the many things I love about fall is having fun with accessories, especially scaves.  There are various shapes, sizes, colors of scarves. What about the many ways to tie a scarf.  On behalf of Scarves.net I wanted to share with you how you can learn how to tie a scarf.They also have 50 ways to tie a scarf found here.

Source: Scarves.net