Style,Inspiration & Pinterest

I freaking love browsing Pinterest to see all the new photos  that have been uploaded. Anytime I want to find inspiration my go to place is definitely Pinterest. I find pictures of fashion, beauty, art and culture . Lately, interior design and landscape pins have been one of my simple pleasures. Pinterest provides me with inspiration to revamp my overly stuffed closet or get outside and play.   Honestly, I think I have an addiction to it. My heart races as I  spend hours on end going through picture after picture  to see what  will load next.  Am I the only person who experience this? lol…I like to look at pins other people have posted along with the collaboration by others.

Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite Pinterests pins I found.




Sketch Sketch Sketch !!!!!



Old old old school.



caroline closet shoes .jpg

street styleparis toms shoes

Why do you use Pinterest? What pins inspire you?


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