Magazine Makeover: Lucky Magazine September 2012 Issue

I am excited to announce a new segment to TheAbsoluteMost:Magazine Makeover.

Magazine Makeover will introduce statement pieces I’m inspired by while  turning those inspirations  into my own individual style  using unique pieces I find during  my  shopping excursions at various locations:  boutiques, vintage stores and some of my favorite thrift shops around the city.

Starting with the September 2012 of Lucky Magazine,


I decided to start this week off with a casual Fall look by Lucky’s own Creative Director, Jana Gale in this September 2012 issue.  She starts with a statement blouse, which I am sure you all have , paired  with a sweater, skirt and peep-toe Mary Janes.

To give summer a farewell goodbye, I  chose to keep it  colorful  with a pretty-in pink  Loft sweater paired with a flower-print blouse  I initially stumbled across  at TJ Maxx for $15.99, but later found it at  Value Village for $3.49. Now, how cool is that. I found it yesterday during their half off Wednesdays.

My navy blue pencil skirt made putting together my outfit even more effortless.  You can never go wrong with classic black MaryJane pumps so I finished the look with these lovelies. Remember, accessories plays a huge role in your overall outfit. Accessories says everything you want to know about an outfit.  I went with a simple, yet chic sterling silver bangle and vintage watch.

It was so much fun putting this outfit together.  The best thing about vintage and thrift shopping is finding pieces you love for less. It is definitely an adrenaline rush for me and I enjoy sharing my unique findings with others.

Source:Lucky Magazine


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