Natural Hair Girl in Corporate America

I just finished reading an article titled “My (Un)straight (Almost) Natural (Much) Healthier Hair” by Associate beauty Editor,Megan O’Neill.

She touched bases on the growth of the natural hair community in the last couple of years. She mentioned she has been inspired by many celebrities who has made the choice to rock their natural curls.

But, what if you’re not a celebrity such as myself? What about stepping into an office that clearly displays natural hair isn’t acceptable?

Megan O’Neill proceeded by revealing she once was denied employment because the interviewer assumed she was unkept just by the look of her natural hair. How dare he? I, myself work in Corporate American and it isn’t nice to women who has made the choice to rock out with their curls. Maybe it is has something to do with my own insecurity of wearing my own hair natural or maybe the far and in between resources that doesn’t make the choice of going natural any easier.

In a straight do you cope with your natural hair in a corporate office?


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