Fighting the Urge to Reach for a Relaxer

Are you currently transitioning from a relaxer to  natural curls?

…well you know what I mean when I say it was one of those days. I was tempted to reach for a relaxer. Today was definitely one of those days and  I felt not so pretty….we all want to feel pretty…right? I spent half of my Sunday morning dragging my best friend, Tai along with me searching for a beauty supply store. No Luck! I had to wait until 12pm.

Although I am 10 months into my transition, which is  more than half way through my 1st year ….I was so tempted to  perm my hair. Sometimes I ask myself why must my hair be  styled straight in order for me to feel attractive.  I felt angry and lost. I felt as if I had no solution to this hair management problem.  My best friend reassuredme I looked fine , well why didn’t I feel fine. With every passing reflection of was a continuous reminder of a problem I felt I didn’t have a solution for.
After finding my holy grail – Silicon Mix, a Dominican deep conditioner I sped home to slather it into my hair to remind myself of all the reasons I shouldn’t perm my hair.  I am really not sure of my hair pattern but whatever it is..I am in awe…thank you Ms.Silicon Mix.

I sectioned my hair and applied the deep conditioner. It works wonders for transitioners because it has a slip consistency; it makes detangling a breeze. I slowly watched my hair transition itself from straight to a naturally curl & wavy pattern. I let the conditioner sit for almost an hour and all the while admiring my natural curl pattern. I have decided to transition until all my relaxed end are gone. I can’t wait. I give it until December and I’ll be 100% Natural!…. I am looking forward to trying all the natural hair styles everyone is hooplaing about.

Yes, transitioning can be tedious and troublesome so how do you deal with fighting the urge to reach for a  relaxer?


I would love to hear you story.



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