Reblogged: Mara Hruby :: Video Debut Through :: “Alright” Directed by Dr. Woo of LightUp Film

Shot & directed by Dr. Woo of LightUp Film, “Alright” is a video that was filmed in San Francisco at Different Fur Studios. Accompanied by the band The Park, Mara Hruby gives you a taste of pure light, and exposes you to the raw emotions of love in the simple setting of a band rehearsal. This video was meant to be radiant and funky yet classic and raw. You get a chance to see a new side of Ms. Hruby with her passionate movements and sweeping emotions through dance, style, and song. Click play and get your heart lost in inspiration.

“You must allow yourself to be free to experience life and light in its purest form. Close your eyes and feel your inner passion, let it generate powerful inspiration to further enhance what your soul tells you to do.” — Mara Hruby

Free Direct Download:


Source: Mara Hruby


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