Reblogged: Transitioning Movement!

I couldn’t resist reblogging this article for all new transitioners .

Yesterday, as I was taking a stroll with my niece I stopped to have “what I thought ” would be a quick conversation with the receptionist at the rental office of my apartment complex  but turned into a discuss about natural hair.  Because I am a a new transitioner, I often stop to inquiry about other natural’s hair regimen .because for myself transitioning  can be a daunting journey without the necessary knowledge.

This article will help you through your transitioning phase credited by Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter .

Source:Carol’s Daughter

The-Long Grow-Out(Straight Styler)

Cool, we get it; you don’t want to cut you hair off at once! You’ve chosen to grow out your relaxer over time and stay smooth as you transition! Here are three things you need to know:

1)  STYLE YOUR HAIR WITHOUT LOTS OF HEAT: You’re going to notice lots of breakage during your journey, especially since you’ll be applying a lot of heat to wear your hair straight. But don’t worry, we got you covered here at Try roller sets, doobie wraps and hood-dryer styles.

2)  LEARN OUR EASY DETANGLING TRICKS: Dealing with two hair textures (new growth and relaxed hair) can be tricky, but we’ll help keep you tangle-free.
*Always detangle in sections
*Always detangle first with your fingers, then a wide-tooth comb, working from ends to roots

3) GET REGULAR TRIMS: The more length you leave past the line of demarcation (where your new growth meets your relaxed hair), the faster it will break from the weight—so trims are a must for you. Give yourself a monthly goal of how long you want your hair to grow. When you meet that goal, go get a trim and treat yourself to something nice!

You can learn more about the Transitioning Movement & Carol’s Daughter Products here



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