add a splash of Delta Clay

……over the past couple of days I have been obsessing with projects I planned to do like something-years ago but procrastination reared it’s ugly head and got the best of me….but today I said No No!…I was determined to completed something on that list by the end of sun fall.  Guess what? Mission Accomplished.

one project consisted of adding a splash of color to my mom bedroom walls.  I became so sick of looking at my mom’s white  walls that I had to take charge and master her environment so I took it upon myself to take a mini trip to Lowe’s and pick up some paint. I had no idea what color I had planned to purchase but I knew it would be in the red-orange family. After going back and forth with my intuition, my niece convinced me to go with “Delta Clay”…its a rich,deep orange but with brown undertones. It almost reminds me of rust-orange. Here’s some before and after shots.


very plain white walls… drove me insane!

Delta Clay is my new love as well as my mother’s.

love this color!….used it to accent a wall. it really opened up the room along with the brown/tan drapes. I am going to take a trip to IKEA to purchase some lamps and huge gray pillows…will update you!

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