The Adventures of a Vintage Muse:Paris On Ponce

It’s Saturday and I have been up since 3am hoping to catch the “Free Dental Care” event held in Alpharetta, GA. Of course, the place was jammed packed so I resorted to visiting the near by park to catch the sunrise..Sounds dope, right?

Since I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and school I decided to spend this weekend relaxing and sipping on “Sleepy Time Chamomile & Spearmint Green Tea”..what a freaking joy that is….so I decided to use my downtime to share my adventure last Saturday  to “PARIS ON PONCE“…an intriguing antique playground with over 40,000 sq ft of all things unique and vintage.

To Learn More..visit them at Paris On Ponce.

love this

who doesn’t love vintage?


people love their Coke

i remember sitting on one of these at my granny’s growing up

i imagine myself playing oldies ..

whoever is the creator of this.i will kiss you

outfit here is a Gap Cotton 3/4sleeve shirt for $5 & Khaki Shorts for $4 from Plato’s Closet#stylewinning

i love the music..the scene…the set up….

oh..I didn’t tell you…they have V.I.P!


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