Curly Girl Beginner’s Guide: Deep Conditioning For Lazy Girls

I just walked in the door from  seeing “The Avengers”(Robert Downey Jr. rocks!)  at Atlantic Station with my best friend Tai. If you haven’t  seen it….please do so.  I give it ★ ☆ ★ ✰★…..The action and comedy is never

As many of you know I decided to grow my natural hair out. Imagine that!..this is from getting perms since I was 14. This month makes it 8 months without one. Being a new “curly girl” beginner,  it has been an uphill battle  but with patience and Youtube tutorials I have been able to stay away from what the natural  world  now calls “the creamy crack”. Yes, it can be addictive and maybe because it is so much easier managing my hair with perms.
I am always browsing the internet for better ways to manage my transition ,especially since I can be so freaking lazy when it comes to my hair. So what is this solution you may ask? Leave that trusty ‘ol conditioner in your hair.  It will leave your hair well hydrated and prevent frizz, which is something many naturals battle in places with high humidity and dewpoint(yes, it a science to this madness).  Until next time…take a quick peek at this curly girl tutorial of how to deep condition your hair on the go. Its 1am EST and I have to be up at 6am so I am going to go to bed before I start drooling on this keyboard.

at the rate i am going i see this happening in my foreseen future…




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