Discovering Your Style

The summer is here and discovering my own style is a passion I love.

Do you ever feel once you step into your closet you have absolutely nothing to wear? Or that you are constantly being influenced by the media and brand names although you tell yourself you can’t possibly afford it because you’re a struggling college student such as myself?

one thing I love about fashion is having the opportunity to make something your own:discovering your style. i remember many times wondering around department stores and feeling lost. I would notice items that caught my eye but i was really never thrilled once i purchased it. i would wear it one or two times and the back of my closet it goes to sit for another season. the feeling of “lost” is what i was tired of feeling. i never really knew my style until understanding the meaning of “wardrobe staples”. After inheriting wardrobe staples i was on a search of self discovery…..and i started by take shopping trips to thrift stores and downtown boutiques.

after months and months of actually finding and purchasing items that expresses my style…I can say I am official Vintage Lover. i love what vintage represents:HISTORY!….and I haven’t stepped into a department since ..unless if was to buy some cute Nine West pumps…lol.

what are steps you take to discover your style? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. Don’t buy because it’s on sale
2. Does it represent your personality?
3. Can it be paired and changed up with your already wardrobe staples
4. What is your body type? Apple? Pear? Banana? Hourglass? (Find items that compliment your body type)
5. What is your clothing personality style? Polished, Natural; Classic or Artistic




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