Vintage Muse- Poise & Grace beautiful mom in the 1960's

causes me to be so enthralled in the moment…
anytime i think of vintage clothing i think of poise..i think of grace…i think of all things feminine yet filled with simplicity. I read a quote that went something like this

“i love vintage clothing because of what it represents to me. I dress between the era’s of 1940-50’s because of the true beauty women from that time possessed..

women of this era always carried themselves with such poise. It seemed to come so easily yet so many woman today fight to adopt it even myself. vintage clothing is like no other…i don’t care about the brand but i do care about quality. I embrace all things with history. anytime i visit my grandmother I always immerse myself in her closet. i never know exactly what i will find as i stumble upon vintage piece after vintage piece. it keeps my heart wondering what the times were life so today i wanted  to share some vintage pieces that caught my eye. let me know what you think.

Betty Ansley on the cover of Jet Magazine

Dorothy Dandrige 1950's


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