The Luxurie

by Cat Russell 

Well, it’s started raining again. Alas we thought Spring was around the corner, little did we realize that we first had to survive through the many waters that would be the precursor to the season we so eagerly await. If you live in a sunny place where the weather is fine and the living is good, then I envy you and this article is not written for you. You cannot possibly sympathise. Rather read, and then encourage us poor, drenched cats.

The onslaught of water we’ve received for the last few days, and the many more days to come, has given me an idea to write about trench coats. Ladies, trench coats are a necessity in the closet of any modern women! I breezed through some articles concerning the history of the trench coat, and as it stands, Burberry was in fact one of the first founding designers…

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