ReBlogged: DIY Valentine’s Day Nail Decals

I just had to re-blog this
because it was the cutest thing in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

For the single people out there it’s considered “Singles Awareness Day but hoopla to all that. Girls are always looking for a way to look cute and express themselves so I wanted to add just one more thing to our “cute things list”. How will you express yourself today?
What You’ll Need?
3 plastic Ziploc bags
1 black marker
1 nail brush in size zero
1 white nail polish
6 to 10 candy-colored nail polishes
1 black nail polish
1 base coat
1 top coat

It's the nail art dilemma—you want to create detailed designs on both hands, but you lack the dexterity to draw on both your left and right fingertips. The solution? Nail decals! Brands such as Sally Hansen and Minx offer pre-made nail decals which you can press onto each finger and go. But if you don’t find a design you like, it's time to DIY! These homemade nail stickers are easy to make and you can personalize your manicure in any way you want. For today’s tutorial, we were inspired by the season, and created cute Valentine's candy hearts! With a little patience and time, every finger gets an artist's touch.


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