Bruno Mars Style- Get The Look From The 60’s

Bruno Mars performs at the Grammys

He’s Charismatic.He’s Fashionable. He’s Energetic. He’s Vintage

He moved the crowd at the 54th Grammy Awards last night. I remember when he first stepped on the scene with his well-manicured hair and gorgeous smile. Girls such as myself had a knew found love: Bruno Mars! I knew then he was something to look further into.  He grew up loving Doo Wop music of the 60’s  on the island of Hawaii but later traveled to L.A. to further his love of music.
As I watched him open up the 54th Grammy Awards he maintained my full attention: the dancing, the singing, the gold blazer. I later realized how much he has a sense of humor we he yelled

“Get off your rich asses and let’s have fun!”

I love Bruno Mars and his style so I put together some styles inspired by him.

his style is timeless

Rock & Roll

Edgy:A leather jacket is a must have in any man’s wardrobe and in the pictures above, Bruno shows you why. A pair of slim jeans and a simple white t-shirt or a check shirt become edgy and trendy when paired with a leather jacket. The jacket, along with Bruno’s fedora, add attitude to him and make his style recognizable.

This look is casual and can be worn anywhere you go. It’s simple and easy to put together as it only consists of a few items. Men may find accessorizing a little more difficult, but once you find a bracelet or necklace you like, the job is done, because unlike women, men stick to a few pieces at a time, and don’t usually have a box full of bracelets, necklaces and rings to choose from.


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