Look Of The Day: The Attempt Of A Sash

Have you ever walked in your closet and was overcome with the feeling of “i have all these clothes ,yet nothing to wear” ? This is the feeling I felt while getting dress this morning.  I just stood there slowly inventorying my articles of clothing….. what’s a girl to do?

Solution: Go shopping in your sister’s closet!  For a while I have witnessed the array of blouses with sash ties but I haven’t been lucky enough to find one until this morning.  oh yeah! I found this sleeve-less top with a neck tie in my sisters closet. I have been looking for a reason to wear my rust orange sweater and today is better day than any.  What do you guys think of today’s look?

Shhhhhh…i ramble through her closet when she isn’t home.

plaid blue sash: i think it complements the rust orange well. Thanks for the shirt Sis!

can't you tell how much i love it? i haven't been a fan of plaid until now

goes with pretty much anything

The Sash Ties that have caught my attention!

polka dot sash


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