An Untapped Issue: What is My Self Worth?

I just left Chipotle  after enjoying a girls day out on with my friend, Huda.  After hours of gossiping and sharing our own personal insecurities I never understood how much the lack of self worth is an untapped issue.  Why isn’t it discussed openly in our culture? Why aren’t we doing enough to ensure teenage girls and young women  feel beautiful about themselves ? This is an issue within our culture and it angers me.  I have experienced the feeling of unworthiness before but I never realized this is a widespread issue.

My niece confided in me that one of her friends considered suicide because she is plus size and doesn’t feel good enough.  I was shocked and my heart went out to her.  I was saddened. This is an issue that affect us all. It is very disturbing to know there are many young girls who are thinking of suicide as a result of feeling unworthy  because they may not be a size 2.

After doing some research, DoSomething.Org reports  ” 7 out of 10 girls feel they are not good enough”.  Things have to change.  I am inspired to take action.

I feel blessed that I have made a conscious decision to love me and understand I am the only person responsible for how I feel.  I am beautiful and I know I am worthy.

i love me

What is your Self Worth? b.c you are indeed BEAUTIFUL!!


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