The Case Of The Mondays: Simple Happiness

this is how i felt when i realize i had to work on a federal holiday

i so not want to be working today. I live in Atlanta, the Mecca of MLK DAY. i literally live across the street from the MLK Center and to think i had to report to work when many people are either taking advantage of this time to sleep in and watch cartoons or play catch up from procrastinating over the weekend. either way i am not feeling my best and to add insult to injury, It’s Monday;The Case of The Mondays to be exact!

it is amazing when you’re working you can think of all the things you could be doing rather than working but…

as i searched through WordPress Fashion community i came across Twice As Nice -two bloggers with 2 different perspectives.  Mary published a list of 10 simple things that brought her happiness and it inspired me to do the same so i can get out of this rut I am in…

here goes..

1.  listening to my granny rant about her latest QVC order

2. attending my niece basketball games

3. getting lost in a pint of chocolate Haagan-dazs ice cream

4. immersing myself in a tub of water filled with Vaseline Intensive Care “Gentle Breeze Scented Beads

5. a cup of Caribou Coffee ” Hot Chocolate”

6. doodling my thoughts

7. hearing the laughter of my mom

8. long gossip convos with my sister

9.  Dancing on table tops with friends

10. being told i am funny by my best friend, Tai

what simple things will your list include?

Happy Mondays! let’s keep it this way


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