Why I’m Choosing to Grow My Natural Curls Out

Curly Envy

for years i contemplated about saying goodbye to perms and growing my natural hair out,yet i had no freakin idea where to start.   When i was younger i never anticipated looking forward to Sunday evenings because it consisted of hours and hours of hair maintenance(shampooing,conditioning,straightening, curling).  i have memories of hiding from my mom each Sunday hoping she would eventually forget about our weekly routine but she never did.  i remember  telling my mom “oh, i want my hair like yours”.  she always seem to manage her hair with such ease and i envied that.

just say no to creamy crack

so this year i discovered another way to refine myself: “rocking my curls”  i am so tired of perms, the constant damage from the use of heating tools and spending countless hours  finding ways to  manipulate my hair so that it could remain straight.  i have yet to share this decision with  family and friends b/c i don’t care to listen to  their opinions or  wanna-be advice. i am happy to say  i have joined the “natural curly revolution” to learn ways to manage and embrace my curls. thanks to the many natural hair contributors out there; you guys rock!

I will keep you updated on my “grow out” progress. fingers-crossed

To learn more ways to manage your natural hair,visit

naturallycurly.com- a full website site of natural hair gurus(great support system)

curlynikki.com- psychologists and natural hair expert

maneandchic.com natural hair blogger inspiring others




4 thoughts on “Why I’m Choosing to Grow My Natural Curls Out

  1. Oh leave it curly it’s so beautiful, but of course I would say that my hair is as straight as a poker and i’ve always wanted curls…honestly we always want what we haven’t got!!!

    • Very True! Because i have always permed my hair to achieve the straight look i am learning how to manage it being some curly/some straight. I am anticipating when it is all naturally curly. One Day! to achieve curly hair you can always use rollers and rods. so many possibilities.


  2. LOVE this post! Thanks for your comments on our blog – we are still tweaking the look and feel, but happy you liked it! Love your blog and Atlanta!

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