2012 Reviews & A Random To Do List

oh, how i wish life was this easy

as i finished my shower and meditation session I thought of some of the things i would like to complete this year. what is the purpose of a new years resolution anyway? why do we wait until the new year to start them? is it symbolic to a new start for many?

since photography is on that “random to do list” it motivated me to run out to my truck(in the freezing garage with nothing but a shirt and these…)

….moving right along to the randomness

i feel like im going to the dugout

find a book that will keep my attention longer than 20mins

get out and play....besides collecting dust in my coat closet

find a cream that will actually combat my eczema...

submit a daily journal entry even if i don't have anything to say

finally a reason to cook and not eat out

learn to play the guitar(s)

learn to play my guitars..............and this violin

paint more

surprise! surprise! received "Salon Effects" samples to review from Sally Hansen...eeekkkk..."add to list"

more of a reason paint

expand my collection of scarves

hope my art class teaches me to create such pieces

get more tattoos

.......and piercings.....okay..i am done...



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