Look Of The Day:Burlington Coat From 2009

it’s freezing outside and the sun is pretending to blare…if it is going to be this cold in Atlanta ,why can’t there be snow on the ground? i mean, really…24degrees….but i guess I will try to appreciate the sun and hope that it warms up my universe but it until then …why not smile and look stylish in the process……

…..today i pulled my rust red-orange colored pea coat out of the closet…. a Burlington coat given to me as a gift from my friend,Tai  in 2009…yet i never had a reason to wear it outside the 1 week winters i experience in Atlanta.

i smile....although my teeth are fidgeting ..excuse the iphone glare..lol

its one of my fav winter/fall colors....i added my blk/white leopard scarf

thrift find-goodwill vintage back & black ballet flats(so versatile)

D&G perfume-my mom's xmas gift-..i just had to steal 2, maybe3 or was it 4 squirts...?


as i finish this last sentence..i find another reason to smile…”the smell of coffee”


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