First Look Of 2012: All Things Vintage -Mara Hruby Inspired

yesterday, as i was getting dressed i convinced myself wearing sequins was the thing to wear since it is the celebration of the New Year, right?….. WRONG!…. although, i felt i  had a clear idea of what I wanted to wear:sequins, black, shimmer, all that good jazz-I felt the desperation to seek inspiration and i found a video: Mara Hruby- a songstress from California with a vintage flair i admired….which inspired me to fu@king dump the typical “new year style” and follow my heart: all things vintage.

as i continue to watch the video from beginning to the end, i began to cry..why? i have no idea but now i am more than convinced i have found my new found love: all things vintage….i love her hair, her style, her accessories, last but certainly not least, her voice.

never can go wrong with a pencil skirt and the color yellow

2012 vintage style












one thing I like most about vintage is the times when it seems there were worries…

a tailored attire, bobby-pin and roller set hair style and casual dating seem to have been the only concerns… vintage screams simplicity.

for me, 2012 represents a new discovery, a new journey..a new love…. and i am happy i was inspired by Mara Hruby for my New Year vintage inspired outfit……..

take a peek at her video and let me know what you think.

To learn more about Mara Hruby, connect with her on the internet


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