Get The Look: Patterns & Pearls

Happy Friday! Today,  I paired my blue cardigan sweater with a basic white button down shirt and pattern skirt, I found on Sale at Ross($7.99);what a bargain! Also, I added a pearl necklace given to me by my grandmother. To finish my look I am wearing black tights and pumps with a bow.

But, how many times have you stepped into your closet and felt as if you didn’t have anything to wear..ugh…”rolling eyes”…Today, I’m sharing ways you can  incorporate patterns and pearls in your wardrobe.

Step 1. Starting with your foundation pieces(i.e.tops,pants,shoes) and colors(neutrals,red,blue and black) in many patterns and textures you can pull off any look. I am learning from fashion lovers across the globe the excitement to be bold and play with different patterns. There are no rules to style! Be Fierce!

Step 2. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! If you’re like me you can always find
accessories around the house such as you bathroom drawer and vanity set or even borrow some from your big sister without her knowledge. You can never go wrong with adding a basic pearl necklace or earrings to an outfit to dress down for a day or if you’re going out dancing with your girls. Scarves– How many times have a scarf change your entire look? My all time fav! Tights– so beneficial to own many colors and textures of these bad boys b.c it will allow you to transform from season to season.
Blazers-I own 3 black ones in a different style, 1 neutral and 1 blue with gold accented buttons. All coming from Plato’s Closet and other thrift stores. If you don’t own one, please run out NOW and get one. There will be times you may want to dress down resort to wearing jeans/t-shirt. Adding a blazer will finish your look.

Step3- Shoes– I never knew the importance of versatility in the life of shoes but it is vital. Ballet Flats- they are comfortable, affordable and a must have after a long day of wearing those heels that gives you that extra flair. Black Heels- Pumps, MaryJanes, Boots,- I lov’em all. You can never own too many black shoes.

Please share the ways you incorporate foundation pieces in your wardrobe?


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