TheAbsoluteMost Of The Day:Jonathan from Puerto Rico

Look of The Day…PUERTO RICO
, a place I would like to be right now to escape the rainy and freezing cold weather in Atlanta.  This week’s  AbsoluteMost Of The Day,  Johnathan, an independent model and fashion student comes from the sunny island of Puerto Rico.  He’s currently residing in Atlantic, New Jersey while engulfing himself in all things Fashion at Ann Taylor LOFT where he works as a Retail Mgr/Stylist.  He is a definitely a fashion risk taker and that is what makes him TheAbsoluteMost of The Day.

                        He describes his style as “very unique yet original.”

jonathan torress model “I am that guy that wears the tight jeans with a t-shirt, bottom up tops with cardigans or a vest. Layering is always an option weather its with everyday cardigans scarfs.and/or jewelry.”

“Shoes are my favorite, it is that accessory that I absolutely have a passion for. Shoes are that touch to make the outfit work, they speak for themselves and are the finishing touch to my wardrobe.”

“My style is inspired daily by all kinds of sources-blogs, the online research, Twitter, styleTV and youtube.”

Now that you know what inspires Johnathan’s style. What inspires your style?

Are you TheAbsoluteMost? Send in those photos….we’re waiting…


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