TheAbsoluteMost Of The Day: Diana from New York

singing….”it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. I must admit I am so anticipating Christmas. I would like to end this week by introducing Diana from New York, a fellow blogger and inspiring fashion designer who I have had the pleasure to meet by way of Twitter. From the day she could remember she has been using markers and sketchbooks to express her love for fashion design.

“I started sketching a fuschia (or was it magenta?) feather evening gown… and the rest is history.”

“My individual fashion style is an unusual combination of dichotomies: minimalist yet extravagant, masculine yet feminine, dark but cheerful. It’s all about fun experimentation.”

“I’m inspired by absolutely everything: people, things I see, things I hear, history, you name it. Anything that makes me look or think twice. In terms of my individual style though, culture and history have created the most impact”

“makeup and beauty products in general are that they have the knack of boosting my self esteem and giving my outfit that extra oomph.

“A red lip makes me feel sexy and confident. Eyeliner and mascara makes me mysterious”


2 thoughts on “TheAbsoluteMost Of The Day: Diana from New York

    • Typefashion,

      Thank you for your comment. What is your favorite accessory to wear? Boyfriend blazers are definitely a wardrobe piece
      to compliment any outfit. I really like the Pink Blazer Diana is wearing… 2012 is definitely the “Year for Color”


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