Ways To Build Your Confidence

Since I have started this blog I’ve watched myself grow from an insecure girl to a well assured and fierce social butterfly.  I have built  onto my confidence by learning more about who I am with each passing day.

Lately, I have been researching different ways I can continue to  increase my own confidence and I would like to share with you on ways you can increase yours.  On Saturday, I stumbled across this  Youtube video by David Childerley, a Law of Attraction expert who focuses on self empowerment and meditation. I have never been the person to meditate nor know much about “Law of Attraction but  I can definitely say in the past couple of day  I have noticed a change of my perception.  Power comes from who you are and not what you have.  Confidence comes from within and how you view yourself.   Take a couple of minutes to view this video and share your thoughts with me.

I am glad to be discovering who I am and discovering ways to express my individuality.

What makes you feel confident and how do you express your individuality?


4 thoughts on “Ways To Build Your Confidence

    • Thefashionistachic,

      Thank you for stopping by TheAbsoluteMost.com and being inspired. Inspiring others is what I work hard to do and having readers such as yourself makes it so worth while. I would be glad to check out your Beauty Campaign. Please inbox me your personal email address theabsolutemost@gmail.com. I look forward to working with you.


  1. Very interesting video … a different approach to meditation or
    relaxation techniques.
    I use meditation to center myself. It helps to carry you through
    the day. You build confidence when you meditate because you
    are at peace with the person you are.

    • Hi Isadora,

      I am glad you stopped by. I am currently mediating to the video and learning to focus on self and inspiring others to do the same.
      What inspires and motivates you to remain confidence? In what ways to you express your individuality?
      I just recently gotten into meditation and I am definitely at more peace. I hope you become an avid reader of TheAbsoluteMost.com./

      Enjoy your day!


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