Edward Cullen: I Want That Look!

I’ve never been a doer for Sci-Fi movies, if you want to include“Twilight”-Breaking Dawn with all the vampires, wolves, and a blood sucking baby. I must say I have fallen in love with this movie. Of all characters Edward Cullen (Team Edward!) to be exact.

Edward Cullen: I Want That Look!


Finally, my friend Tai and I decided to go see it since I have been procrastinating for whatever reason. Despite all the hoopla over Bella getting married and becoming a vampire, I never really expected it to happen under those circumstances(spoiler-getting pregnant & delivering a beautiful baby girl).

All the love and war over Bella, it inspired me to  put together some wardrobe pieces from Edward Cullen’s character. I have always loved his look…it was so laid back ,yet stylish with a little bit of flair.

What did you think of Breaking Dawn? Whose your favorite character?


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