My Top 5 Holiday Wishlist

Top 5 Holiday Wishlist

I have seen so many wishlist this holiday season that it has inspired me to create my own. Here goes!

1. After discovering Little 5 Points and all it’s vintage stores- I have fallen in love with all things vintage- old meets new

2. Scarves-Anyone who knows me know I have a true fetish for many ways to accessorize

3. Lush Costmetics-Last year  while visitng  Lenox Mall, I  came across this store and decided to purchase some products and loved it. I am a college student ,so going all out on this “hand-made products” isn’t feasible.  “keeping fingers crossed”. Just maybe those secret Santa’s would surprise me..Hint, Hint- Tai, Sonya, Mom, know who you are.

4. OPi Muppet Collection- Oh yeah, somebody pretty, pretty please get this with cherries on top

5. Clarisonic- in high school I experienced problematic skin but luckily I was able to come out still rocking even- tone and well moisturize skin but every now and then , a home-facial is something I can benefit from.  Ladies, they come in many colors and Clarisonic is offering “Free Shipping” during the holiday season. Check them out

Share What’s on your holiday wishlist!


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