Look Of The Day “Dressember Day 7”

On Sunday,a Facebook friend asked me if I was participating in “Dressember”. I had no idea what it was about but I knew it had something to do with a dress + December ,so I did a little research. For those of you who may not know, “Dressember ” is a month dedicated to only wearing dresses. I don’t have enough dresses to complete the entire month but with a little change up here and there I am sure I will pull it off.

Are you participating in Dressember?

Share your photos !

Here are mines.






4 thoughts on “Look Of The Day “Dressember Day 7”

      • Hi Tovah11,

        Thanks for visiting. I am Mannie! I haven’t been able to achieve a dress a day but hopefully it shall increase. Share photos
        of the days you have worn or will wear dresses. I would love to see them. Why don’t you wear
        dress as much anymore? I hope you become an avid reader.


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