Look Of The Day “Glitz and Glam”

Wow! Monday has crept upon us already. I’m on a journey to discover and find ways to express my individualism and inspire others to do the same. My friend Kaneisha’s birthday is today and in celebration of it I wanted to be festive and wear my silver sequin top, denim trousers and black tailored blazer. Because I stress comfortability , I’m rocking my black ballet flats. Happy Birthday, K!

How do you express your individualism?

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5 thoughts on “Look Of The Day “Glitz and Glam”

    • Lately I havent really been expressing my individualism at all! I could do with a whole new wardrobe… I’m hoping for some new ‘me’ clothes for Christmas!!
      I’m going for a complete new hairdo in the new year though!!!

  1. Start with eliminating pieces in your wardrobe that doesn’t represent the person you want to become. Sometimes we can have many items of clothing in our closet ,yet we find ourselves feeling as if we don’t have anything to wear. I use to have a major issue with what I wore and constantly searching ways to define my identity. So, I published an article http://wp.me/p1IEct-1K called “Wardrobe Staple Must Haves”. It discusses ways to build your individual wardrobe with foundation pieces and accessorize around those pieces. Take pictures of your new “me” xmas wardrobe , as well as, your New Year Do!


    • Excellent advice… thank you!! I’m going to do exactly what you’ve suggested. Your post about wardrobe staples is great too… thanks!!

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