Look Of The Day “Military”

“yelling” it’s Friday! It’s Friday! ….I’m excited to the point of no return. Many of you didn’t know my birthday was Tuesday (posting pics soon) ,which was shared over dinner with family and friends.

Today, it’s freezing out so I’m wearing my red H&M sweater I picked up for $6 at Plato’s Closet and Cambridge Dry Goods ‘oh so comfortable stretch pants with my leather pointed toe boots. My favorite part of this entire outfit is a camel- colored military inspired coat I purchased and I am so excited to share with you ! So, off I go into the freezing cold yet is the best part of FallWinter(dressing up in my Fav coats, scarves, boots, etc)

What is your favorite Fall/Winter item to wear?

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One thought on “Look Of The Day “Military”

  1. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Love the coat… it’s very pretty!
    My favourite winter item (at the moment) is a Fat Face body warmed I bought a couple of months ago from England. That and my Timberland boots…!

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