Miss Piggy Hogs Over Fashion & Beauty

Who wasn’t thrilled by Miss Piggy’s boisterous attitude along with her counterparts “The Muppets” growing up?  I would have never thought they would be taking over Hollywood’s big screen , as well as, building an empire in the fashion and beauty industry.  The Muppets Rock!

Custom design by Jason Wu

Miss Piggy 819x1024 Pink Spotlight: A Conversation With Miss Piggy


She’s Fierce & Fab!

Miss Piggy wearing Prabal Gurung’s custom design


This month the new fashion icon is also the new face of MAC cosmetics with a Fashionbly Fierce Look!

And……she does it again with OPI’s limited Edition Lacquers of 12 colors with names like “Color Me Gizmo” and “OPI and this little piggy”.  Many of the colors already exist at OPI but the names are so catchy that it is definitely a perfect  marketing idea for the company and “The Muppets”

What do you think about “The Muppets”?


I know many of you will be heading to theatres on November 23rd for “The Muppets opening night , so I decided to put together some affordable ,yet fashionable wardrobes to ensure your search is a little bit easier .

Miss Piggy’s Rachel Bilson’s Halloween Costume



Kermit “The Frog”

(print is always a fun accent to any wardrobe)




Let me know your thoughts.  I look forward to reading them.


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