Look Of The Day”London Fog”

Hello to all my Fashionistas out there! Today started out kinda foggy and bleak but the sun slowly burnt it away,which inspired my “Look Of The Day”-London Fog. I’ve never been to London but I would definitely like to run those fashionable and chic streets and sit down with strangers and have a cuppa. Fashion inspiration comes from all over the globe . Today, I’m pictured with a black,mesh see through top paired with a Twill Skirt with a beige -embroidery lining at the bottom. This is what pushed me to purchase it from TJ Maxx .The weather is definitely getting colder so black tights are a must and I love the way I’m wearing my black Mary Janes(which every girl should have in their closet )

Until next time, Stay Fashionable!

What Inspires Your Fashion? 20111102-065141.jpg






2 thoughts on “Look Of The Day”London Fog”

    • Edita,

      Thanks for stopping by TheAbsolute.Most. The black leather bag was purchased from a thrift store for $4 and my black MaryJanes cost me around $8-1$10 at the same thrift store. Do you have any thrift stores that you visit often?

      Until next time..stay fashionable!


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