Look Of The Day ” Red Fall Pumps”

I woke up this morning with no idea what I wanted to wear but I knew it would be feminine with a sprinkle of vintage . I don’t always plan my wardrobe because I pretty much go with my mood upon waking. A simple black blazer can turn a casual style into a business suite as I did with today’s look.


A simple white button down shirt can be paired with pretty much anything.I

decided to pair it with my H&M black pencil skirt.

Although, it is not pictured I am wearing a H&M black blazer to give add that business flair.




Many people have asked me where I find this awesome brightly colored necklace and luckily I found it at a reasonable price at TARGET. Yes, I said TARGET. I love the various colors with simple golden accents.


Wearing red pumps to add a pop of color to my wardrobe can be done easily. I featured an article with one of my favorite red scarfs about a week ago and I thought it would be great to share with you these red pumps.



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