Video:Rihanna “We Found Love” Featuring Calvin Harris

We Found Love by Rihanna -Crihanna -We Found Love 6

rihanna -We Found Love 10

From my latest post regarding Rihanna being deemed “The Sexiest Woman Alive 2011” by Esquire Magazine, I was wondering what are the attributes they incorporate when searching the celebrity world.  Now, it is definitely official after many contemplated the release of this sexy,sultry video by Rihanna  “We Found Love” featured in the hilly yet secluded country of Ireland.  After viewing the video with no music I shall add , the video is a must-see.  Rihanna continues to out do herself but I am sure that is one the reason she is  “The Sexiest Woman Alive 2011”. The video starts with RiRi sitting in a tub with as sources would say “her new beau” Dudley O’Shaughnessy in this dark and gloomy bath room,yet I asked myself “what is this about”?  It proceeds with her topless and half naked in solitude and just having a good time making out with inhaling smoke of some sort and pill popping.  Despite all the ups and downs of her relationship with co-star, they seem to find the love they are looking for filled with so many emotions until she realize maybe her life of partying is dweddling out of control.  She has definitely grown over the years from video vixen to award winning diva.  What do you all think of Rihanna’s latest video “We Found Love”?

See behind the scene footage of “We Found Love


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