Fashion Feature-Ianis Apparel

Fashion is everywhere! Many of us find various ways to express our own unique style. Today, I decided to start a new fashion article titled “Fashion Feature”. “Fashion Feature” will feature up and coming fashion designers from around the world.

Let’s take a look at fashion designer Shay Thomas.  She resides in Los Angeles, CA where she was inspired to start Ianis Apparel. Ianis Apparel was started in 2009 after Shay decided to take her love for fashion and hip hop culture to the next level.

Ianis Apparel is a lifestyle brand labeled as “Street Couture” presenting fashionable tees and accessories to rock on the streets like it’s your runway. 

We take the basic tee to another level and give you “Fashion In a Tee”! Shay’s mission is to help you make a statement while remaining fashionably comfortable.

To place your order today, please visit and start rocking you own “Street Couture”.

-Submit your pictures/bio to be featured in “Fashion Feature”


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